Dealing With Stress: My Relaxation Mantra

Are you feeling stressed out? Is everything getting too much? Don’t worry, you are not alone. At some point in our lives, we will all feel stressed out. Since buying my own property, getting a promotion and finishing the final modules of my degree, I know this only too well.

Whether it is about work, family life, money or something else entirely, there are plenty of ways to manage your stress levels and calm your mind. To help you deal with stress, we have put together a handy guide. To find out more, keep reading below:

Dealing With Stress: My Relaxation Mantra | UK Lifestyle Blog

Find the root of your worries

Normally, when we are feeling anxious or stressed out, it is due to something, in particular. Such as an upcoming job interview or financial problems, for example.

So, to reduce your stress levels, it is vital that you work out what is causing your stress. Sit down with a friend or family member and discuss how you are feeling and what is weighing heaviest on your mind. Then discuss ways you can deal with it. By verbally talking about what’s wrong and how you can deal with it, you will feel calmer and more at ease.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Try to avoid all drinks containing alcohol and caffeine. Or, at least reduce how much caffeine and alcohol you consume. Caffeine and alcohol are stimulants, so they will increase your stress levels, rather than helping to reduce them. It is also a good idea to avoid nicotine if possible, as this is also a stimulant.

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Stick to water, decaffeinated teas and coffees, herbals teas, and soft drinks. It is important to drink lots of fluids as this will keep your body hydrated, and allow you to deal better with stress.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce your stress levels. So, it is important that you find time to add exercise to your schedule. Go for a quick job before work, go for a swim after work or go for a brisk walk on your lunch break to relieve your stress levels.

As well as taking the time to take part in cardiovascular exercise, like running or swimming, you could also practice meditational exercise, like yoga. Yoga is an excellent stress reliever, it will help you to clear your mind, focus and release your worries and stresses.

Take some time out

Make sure to take some time out each week for yourself. Set aside a couple of hours each week for some you time and find ways to relax and enjoy yourself.

Go for coffee with friends, head out to a bar for drinks, go for a massage, or just chill out watching a movie or reading a book. Do whatever you fancy doing. Having some time for yourself will help you to feel calmer and less stressed.

Get lots of sleep

Lack of sleep is a major cause of stress, so it is vital that you make sure you are getting enough sleep. Otherwise, you will end up getting more stressed out.

If you struggle to fall asleep, run yourself a hot bath and spend half an hour relaxing. Or, spend a few minutes practicing yoga or pilates before getting into bed, to help calm your mind.

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Dealing With Stress: My Relaxation Mantra | UK Lifestyle Blog

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