Designing A House? Selecting Rooms One By One

When it comes to designing a house space, you can become overwhelmed with options. This project is a wonderful one, but it can often lead you to stress at just how you’re going to complete it. Well, just like anything, small steps can often lead to long-term gains. It might be that you’re designing a home extension, or you’re finally building your entire place on a rural lot as you have dreamed from childhood. No matter your reason, it’s not hard to feel excited for the finished product. This does not mean you can ignore the many small foundational steps it takes to make this a practical reality, however. You will need to pay your dues.

We’re going to assume that you have all of the services booked and that you have some basic blueprints for the fundamental floor plan. If not, then this should be your first priority. You can find guides to help you here. However, when you have the blueprints, it can be hard to know where to situate certain rooms. Right now you only have the bare bones shell of the potential build, but it’s important to think about this now. This is because wiring, plumbing, window installation among many other things are dependant on knowing what room you hope to place where.

Designing A House? Selecting Rooms One By One | UK Lifestyle Blog


Your bathroom must be oriented in a direction that affords good privacy and light. This is why main bathrooms are often found on the second floor of a household. They must also be one of the centralised places for your plumbing network, meaning that a good amount of surrounding space must be allowed. You can get away with this being one of the smaller rooms of the house, but be sure you have enough room for some of the vital components you install, such as radiators for the bathroom or an entire shower basin.

Consider certain size requirements for installations you might like. For example, storage, a bathtub, a bidet or many other features will all have their own requirements. Only in the case of storage can an implement be installed mid-wall, so consider this and make the correct choices. Fortunately, you can also get away with this being the least naturally lit area of your home, as you can always install powerful mid-lights and mirror lights to help counteract this.

Designing A House? Selecting Rooms One By One | UK Lifestyle Blog


Bedrooms can often be placed anywhere in the home, but consider their proximity to other rooms. It might be worthwhile to have one downstairs in the event that you invite guests over. For example, you might consider how a certain bedroom might suffer more from being next to the flushing plumbing system as this can be loud at night. It might be worth placing an office there instead, switching the utility of this space with said bedroom, as offices are likely only occupied in the day.

Bedrooms can be as sizeable or as small as you want them or need them, so this is the most versatile room in the house. Just consider how the doorway will suggest people enter the room, and which direction to make the bed face. This can be a deep consideration in small rooms. Also, consider who the bedrooms are for. Can small children double up to make more use of the room until they grow? Might it be one larger space you had originally considered would be more suitable for two bedrooms by installing a dividing wall?

Also, consider privacy. For example, a home designed in a relative horseshoe shape might have two rooms looking into one another, which might be fine, or might be considered less than appropriate. Even with the use of blinds and curtains, this is worth thinking about.

Designing A House? Selecting Rooms One By One | UK Lifestyle Blog

Living Room

The living room is often the most spacious feeling when aimed towards the usual daily direction of light from the sun in summer. This helps your space feel more vibrant. Ideally, this room should be located on the ground floor, and looking out of its window should afford you a good view of the front door or at least garden. The living room is often the first comfortable hub of the home, meaning that a short distance from the front door is often ideal. Also consider how you might benefit from installing a satellite dish outside of your home, and where that might be placed. This could influence which space you choose to house your living room.

With these simple tips, selecting your new houses rooms one by one will be more than achievable.

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