7 Pairs Of Shoes Suitable For Work (that I’m Totally Obsessed With!)

Whether you just started your career now or have been working for the better part of your life, you know that first impressions, as well as second and third ones, are mostly based on how you look.  Choosing the right attire for the workplace is important, and the shoes you wear can help you to put your best foot forward, both literally and figuratively. Therefore, we give you seven pairs of shoes that you should consider since they are perfect for the workplace and can beautifully finish off your professional look, so let’s jump right in.

7 pairs of shoes suitable for work (that I'm totally obsessed with!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Ballet Flats

Our number one pick has to be the ballet flats, and here’s why. Firstly, ballet flats are extremely comfortable, making them the perfect shoes for the workplace, especially if your job requires a lot of walking. Secondly, ballet flats look good with almost any formal outfit, so you don’t have to bang your head every morning while deciding what shoes to put on. Finally, ballet flats can easily fit in almost any bag, as long as it’s not a mini bag, so even if you wear heels, the ballet flats can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Simply, black ballet flats like these will bring you extreme comfort as well as style, so check them out and see for yourself.

Neutral Heels

Neutral heels, nude pumps, or also known as beige pumps complement almost all professional attire. Not only do these shoes look super-professional, but they make your legs look amazing as well. Truly, nude heels elongate your legs making them seem longer than they actually are. In fact, the closer to your skin tone the shoes are, the longer they’ll make your legs seem. Also, they can be combined with any colour palette making you look sharp and sophisticated.

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Having a pair of comfy loafers in your shoe collection is a must. Traditionally laid-back shoes, loafers are now worn everywhere, especially in the workplace by both men and women. On days when heels are the last thing you want to put on your feet, a nice pair of loafers is always good to have as a backup. Loafers will make your professional outfit look more polished; just make sure that you don’t get slip-on since they are not the most office-appropriate style.

Ankle Boots

Comfy and warm, ankle boots are definitely work-appropriate, especially during the colder months of the year. Ankle boots, particularly if on heels, look amazing when combined with a pencil skirt or a power suit, giving you the fierceness and edginess you need for the corporate world. Check out these ankle boots and see if you can find the ones most suitable for your workplace.

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Classic Black Pumps

We cannot think of other shoes that are as timeless as the classic black pumps, especially for the workplace. Discreet yet sophisticated, these shoes should be in the go-to work shoe collection of every woman. These classics will add an elegant touch to your professional outfit making you look sleek and classy both in and out of the office. You can wear literally any formal outfit with the classic black pumps, but make sure that the ones you choose to wear are comfortable enough for the 8-hour work day.

Open Toe Booties

A smart office look doesn’t have to be created with the above-mentioned classics. Open toe booties are the type of shoes that look professional enough for the workplace but also give you a bit of sass and edge by showing a tiny bit of skin in a sophisticated manner. These shoes don’t have to be a taboo just because they provide a bit more edge than the other ones; unless, as we already mentioned, your dress-code rules are very strict. But, if that’s not the case, go for open toe booties and you’ll see how versatile and appropriate these shoes can be not only for the workplace but other environments as well.

Steve Madden Carnabi Leather Peep-Toe Bootie

Polished Sandals

If your workplace is not overly formal or has a very strict dress code, a pair of polished sandals is the pair you should be wearing at the office, especially if it’s hot outside and you don’t want to hide your feet. During the hottest months, it’s hard for women to commute and be at the office for 8 hours while covered from head to toe. Some formal outfits allow for a bit of skin to be shown, but what about shoes? Polished and dressy sandals should not be a problem for the workplace and are not at most places. Heel sandals look even more formal and classy, just make sure they don’t look like they could be worn to prom as well.

As you can see, the classics like flats or heels are not the only work-appropriate footwear. There are many shoe styles that you can choose from, so be creative and upgrade your shoe collection with some great styles that can be worn from work to weekend.

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