Essential Improvements To a Small Bathroom Space

Having a bathroom you love is something to be enjoyed and savoured every single day. Refreshing the bathroom is high up on many home décor wish lists, but it can seem like a complicated project to take on. This is especially true when you have a small bathroom space to contend with a limited budget. But, creating a beautiful bathroom is easier than you might think. 

If your bathroom is outdated, there are plenty of things you can do to improve its look and many of these changes are more affordable within smaller rooms. BASI Bathrooms, a bathroom installer in Leeds, has plenty of experience transforming compact spaces. Here, they take a look at essential improvements to a small bathroom space that make it instantly more appealing.

Essential improvements to a small bathroom space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Keep the design fresh and clean

Light colours and clean lines make a room look and feel more spacious. If your bathroom renovation doesn’t stretch to a brand new minimalist suite, it’s possible to update your existing room to make it feel more contemporary. Painting the walls in fresh light tones is an easy way to do this and will instantly lift the space. Changing the fixtures is a quick way of bringing your old suite up to date.

Tiling and bathroom appliances can be made to look newer by resealing and grouting. This may be a subtle fix, but the difference it makes to a small bathroom is substantial. If you have a combined bath-shower, fitting a clear glass shower screen rather than a curtain allows light to flow around the room making it feel brighter. 

Mirrors create the illusion of more space

When it comes to interior design, using mirrors to make a room look bigger is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But it’s also one of the most effective. In the bathroom, large mirrors have the bonus of being practical, as we use our bathrooms for pampering, grooming, and getting ready each day.

For a small bathroom, a large statement mirror provides a natural focal point to the room. Finding a mirror with a unique shape or an ornate surround is an easy way to add your personality to the design. You could even start with the mirror and find accessories to match.

New flooring instantly lifts a room

The condition of the floor is a tell-tale sign of the age of a bathroom. Luckily, it’s a lot cheaper to fit a new floor in a small bathroom. Tiles are the traditional choice, but wooden flooring is hardwearing and attractive too. Vinyl flooring is extremely popular at the moment due to the huge array of patterns and styles to choose from. It’s warmer underfoot and easy to keep clean. 

Think about what tones you want your finished design to feature – natural, luxurious or industrial, for example – and this should give you an idea of which styles of flooring might bring it to life. There are all kinds of beautiful floors available at reasonable prices, but it’s always best to get it professionally installed, particularly in a small bathroom where it will receive heavy footfall.

Proper storage keeps everything in its place

Having enough room to stow away all your essential products, linen, and cleaning supplies is crucial in a small bathroom. Without it, a bathroom looks messy and unkempt after a single use. Purpose-built vanity units and cabinets provide the storage space you need while keeping surfaces clutter-free and tidy. Wall-mounted or ‘floating’ units are ideal for small bathrooms as they free up floor space underneath, making the room look larger.

Bring it to life with carefully placed accessories

There are a plethora of bathroom accessories to choose from, including bath caddies, plants, candles, pictures, and ornaments. That’s before the more practical items like towels, bath mats, rails, and blinds are considered. All of these features are an opportunity to put your stamp on the design or improve the look of an existing bathroom suite.

Any bathroom is finished by the accessories you choose. Just remember not to go overboard, particularly in a small bathroom, as you don’t want the room to become cluttered. The goal is to weave in your own style while keeping the design calm and tranquil. 

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