Facial Exercise Routines To Make Your Skin Look Years Younger

Why should we add facial exercises to our fitness routines? The answer is, because they work just as well as the routines that shape our bodies, giving the face a natural face lift. Keeping the muscles just under the skin of the face tight and toned means that sagging skin will be held at bay, allowing us to look many years younger.

Facial Exercise Routines to Make Your Skin Look Years Younger | UK Lifestyle Blog

The most common facial exercise involves isometrics, that is, alternately tightening and releasing the muscles until a mild burning sensation is eventually felt in the muscles. This is due to the production of lactic acid which occurs after every good workout. You may want to eat protein-rich foods after the workout, just like the body builder do.

As an example, these are some common yet effective methods that use this technique to help reduce wrinkling and sagging around the eyes. To do these facial exercises, make sure to wash your hand, face and moisturise.

1. Place your finger horizontally over each eyebrow and gently pull down. Make the muscles work by pulling the eyebrows down, working against the tension. Hold and then lower your eyebrows again for 20 repetitions.

2. Place four fingers on the skin over each eyebrow. Pull them away from each other gently so that it seems like you are pulling the skin toward the edge of the face. Then, make a frown, pulling against your fingers. Do this repeatedly for 10 times.

3. Close your eye half way and then open each eye a total of 10 to 20 times for each eye.

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4. Place your fingers vertically on the outside area of each eye. Close your eye and then open. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

5. Put four fingers of each hand vertically in line with your nose. Partially close your eye, working against the resistance. Open the eye. Repeat 15 times for each eye.

These exercises can be completed anywhere. Giving your facial muscles a good workout will ensure that the early onset of wrinkling and sagging can at least be prevented. Aside from these facial exercises, you can also invest in some of the most effective anti-aging products.

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