Fashion Taboos You Should Break

In the world of fashion there’s a whole plethora of rules for you to follow, helping you to figure out what to wear and not what to wear and serving as a helpful frame of reference when you shop at your favourite stores like London Boutique. It’s a fact of aesthetics that some patterns just don’t go together and some colours are just destined to clash, so some rules are simply never acceptable to break. However, there are some cases where fashion taboos can and should be broken. Let’s take a look at some of these taboos and why breaking them can be a good thing.


Clashing has been one of the biggest taboos in fashion for years, and while it’s true that some things will never be able to go together, clashing can be a striking and attractive fashion choice. It all depends on how you clash your clothes. Mixing bright and bold colours will catch the eye; in fact you’d be surprised how good some of these ‘no no’ colours look together. Who says that blue and green can’t go together, or red and pink? Pairing patterned pants with a brightly coloured blouse or shirt is a simple but effective look.

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Matching your accessories

This is a classic taboo that’s been around since the dawn of the age of accessories.  For the longest time, women have been expected to match their shoes to their belt, their belt to their their handbag, their handbag to their hat and whatever else they might be wearing. In reality, while this remains a taboo, it is widely considered to be quite old fashioned and dated to match up ones accessories. Instead, use your accessories to modernise your outfit or give it a pop: coordinate your summer dress with leather sandals and a tote bag, for example.

Mixing Metals

Another age old taboo that tells you not to mix gold with silver, this one is begging to be broken. While it makes sense to match gold with gold, silver with silver and bronze with bronze, you’re not going to look terrible if you decide to mix it up a bit. Metallics are neutral so there’s no reason not to mix them with your outfit, but when you do put a focus on layering the metals with your jewellery and wear more of one metal than the other for a more eclectic, modern look.


Combining Black and Navy

This is a strange one, really, as it’s hard to say why exactly this was ever considered taboo. After all, don’t they say that black goes with everything? Luckily, the idea of mixing black and navy has been gradually more accepted in the fashion world over the last few years and can make for a very classic and elegant look if you get it right. It doesn’t always have to be your clothes either; you can combine the colours through your accessories. For example, a navy blue dress looks great when coupled with black accessories, such as a simple clutch bag and black shoes.

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