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Herra recently announced that we will take pride of place in the kit-bag with Raphelle Saint-Marshall from the Matthew Curtis Creative Team live at New York Fashion Week; perfectly aligning with our launch into the USA.

The Herra team will be backstage talking all things hair; with live updates, videos, interviews, and we’ll be posting an array of images to keep all our fans up to date with what’s going on both backstage and on the catwalk. As well as tips and advice on styling from Rapehlle who will be styling models backstage. – read more here

First impressions opening the hair protect perfume from Herra were great, the packaging was high quality and sleek. Herra Protect is the finishing application for all day protection, hydration and fragrance. I was dubious about trying it at first because I remember being told years ago that squirting perfume in your hair would increase the life time of the scent. Unfortunately, I found out years later that actually it just damages your hair, boo! However, the minimal amount of alcohol in the Herra hair perfume put my worries at ease.

I’ve been spraying 2-3 pumps over my hair at arm’s length on a daily basis. Herra not only helps your hair stay healthy in all weather conditions, but leaves your hair smelling gorgeous. The subtle scent isn’t overpowering so it doesn’t clash with my regular fragrances but does cover up the rancid smell of hairspray. The fragrance contains organically grown olive extract to help shield the hair from UV damage. I’ve never considered protecting my hair from UV rays, I’ve always just worried about protecting my skin, so now this hair perfume has worked its way into my daily routine.

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Interest? The hair perfume is available on the Herra website for £24.99, which is a bit steep but it’s lasted me ages and my hair smells gorgeous!

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