Getting cosy with Towelsoft bathrobes!

Towelsoft are delighted to introduce two ultra thick and exceptionally soft and fleecy bathrobes for the spring.  Polyester micro fleece is not a new phenomenon, but as technologies are constantly improving, so does the quality and softness of the fleece.

Getting cosy with Towelsoft bathrobes! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Towelsoft are experts in creating the fluffiest bathrobes and dressing gowns, which are also designed to retain their soft and fluffy feel even, after extensive washing unlike many other less premium bathrobes.

•       Wide shawl collar
•       Made from 100% Polyester Fleece
•       Turn up cuffs
•       Two Deep patch pockets on the front
•       Reinforced Double Belt Loops so you can adjust the belt to suit your waist size
•       Unisex style suitable for men and women.

The fleece is a thick dense pile with a sumptuous and cosy feel to it. Choose this bathrobe for lounging around the house in, after a warm bath or shower. We love this bathrobe because it looks great wash after wash, it dries quickly and it keeps its thick and soft, fluffy feel. Fleecy bathrobes are available in new HOT PINK, DAMSON and classic white or NAVY.  Retail Price £24.95

Colour Therapy

The launch of the HOT PINK fleecy bathrobe was inspired by the launch of the HOT PINK towels. We were so overwhelmed for sales of the Hot Pink towels that we felt our customers would love a bathrobe to match. Hot pink Comfy towels come in a variety of sizes from a Face cloth, Hand Towel, Bath Towel and Bath sheet and price start from just £1.35 to £15.50. The colour Damson was chosen based the popularity of our Aubergine and Purple towel ranges. We just fell in love with this super rich colour, which suits all skin tones.


Towelsoft is the sister company for BC Softwear, the UK’s leading manufacturer of luxury towels and bathrobes, supplying the UK’s most prestigious Hotels and exclusive Spa’s in the UK and Europe.  Towelsoft have quickly built a loyal following of customers who love being able to buy the sorts of bathrobes and towels that you can only find when you stay in a really premium hotel or spa.

Exceptional Luxury and Quality

The towelling is super soft and made of premium quality Egyptian cotton that ensures that the towels are really long lasting. The fibre is designed to maintain its fluffy quality, wash after wash. The designs of the edges of the towel (or header bars as they are known in the trade) are made to enable the towel to hold its shape and not wrinkle or shrink as often seen with less quality products.

Making it personal

Towelsoft are specialists in personalising towels and bathrobes. The art of applying a motif or embroidered initials or even a family crest requires a special attention to detail and all of the pieces are hand finished to ensure a consistency in quality.

Towelsoft offer a wide range of towelling bathrobes and towels and now also sell a superb collection of super soft fleecy bathrobes and dressing gowns for children. Every bathrobe and towel can be personalised to make a truly individual and special gift. Perfect, personalised gifts for all the family. Have them gift wrapped and sent direct.

Author: Sam Charles

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  • We’ll look out for these, thank you, I have a few dressing gowns, very easy to spend a lot of time in, and this fluffy bathrobe looks a good addition. Good news that it washes well.

  • I threw my husbands ‘old’ fluffy bathrobe out and replaced it with a designer less fluffy one and he hates it! He would definitely love these x

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