Group China Tour Packing List – 6 Things To Pack For China

Travelling to China can be a testing experience of one’s ability to cope with diverse cultures and massive populations –and how well you know how to prepare for the journey. The purpose of this post is to outline all of the necessary items to bring with you on your journey through China.

Group China Tour Packing List - 6 Things to Pack for China | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Backpack

I am a big fan of telling people to avoid those wheeled suitcases, because often sidewalks are merely obstacle courses, and the wheels don’t fair too well.

And when it comes to backpacks, your best bet is to go for a “clamshell” style bag –giving you non-linear access to the stuff you pack with you on the road. No “first in first out” at the side of the road trying to find that one thing that you packed at the very bottom of your bag.

Some of the best selections for backpacks are made by Osprey and Minaal.

The Paperwork

Of course, if nothing else –before underwear or deodorant—you will need to have your passport and all relevant visas for your China tours for 2016.

In addition to this, it is suggested that you carry photocopies of all your IDs from home, and do not forget any paperwork for prescriptions you bring with you! You never know when a prescription that’s legal back home but is not legal wherever you’re going. Carrying your prescription should keep you in the clear.

Pack Light

Leave room to buy clothes along your journey, as you likely will regardless of what you brought with you. That means go light on the clothing, and stick to staples. Over-packing can add a lot of strain and hassle to a trip, and the benefits of carrying every possible thing you might want to use during your journey is outweighed with down sides.

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Merino Wool

China can get hot! Real hot –and humid! Cotton rarely bodes well in Southeast Asia, so be sure to pack merino wool items such as t-shirts, underwear, and possibly a light sweater for night time.

The reason merino wool is a must have is because of its unique naturally occurring antibacterial properties and its ability to wick moisture away from the body. Merino also ages much more gracefully under damaging UV rays, and you can get away with wearing merino longer –much longer than anything cotton, before it starts to feel/look/smell dirty.

Necessary Personal Care Items

It is suggested that you take the following personal care items with you to China to ensure a nice, happy, safe, clean, healthy visit. Bring sunscreen, bug repellent, hand sanitizer, vitamins like “stress tabs” for iron and B complex.

USB Battery Packs

Having network connected devices like smart phones and tablets can make travel feel safer, while providing you a communication lifeline to friends and family back home. Because of all the gadgets the average international traveller brings with them while in transit, it is common to run out of battery juice at inopportune times.

That’s why having a battery pack that your USB devices can plug into and charge from is an incredibly useful thing to pack along for your China trip.

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