Wearable Tech – Is This The Future Of Fashion?

Fashion shows are brilliant affairs. They always bring out new trends, and let’s not forget that anyone who is worth knowing will be in attendance. Of course, the season’s trends always bring out plenty of opinions about the latest dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts.

Offsetting these items is a whole lot of wearable tech bling, which trendsetters are turning their attention to so that they can make a huge fashion statement wearing it. People who are also interested in fashion now want to do the same. In order for them to do this they have to know where to find stores that actually keep up with the latest wearable tech trends.

Where can you find wearable tech clothing?

This is exactly where Eles Clothing comes in, as they are the UK’s leading supplier of wholesale clothing. They also provide you with the opportunity to purchase trendy outfits at a fraction of the recommended retail price.

They stock women’s, men’s and children’s wear from leading brands such as Laura Ashley, Marks & Spencer and others. They offer the full range of sizes right up to plus size, and are also constantly updating their stock.

Technology Seamlessly Integrated into Clothing

Lovers of fashion are now about to welcome the world’s largest tech and smartphone manufacturing companies into the fashion world, such as Apple and Samsung.

They are just a few among the many who have been designing wearable technology. It has certainly been drawing plenty of attention. What does this mean? That this is definitely the season for weird and wonderful, fresh outfits.

Wearable technology is no longer limited to wristband trackers as in 2015 we are seeing far more clothing which will boost your look as well as your health. How so? Well, manufacturers are starting to develop items of clothing and shoes that can monitor our vital signs.

One of the more recent innovations includes a sports bra that will monitor muscle movement, calories burnt and heart rate. The beauty about wearable tech such as this is that the technology involved is integrated seamlessly into the item of clothing you’re wearing.

This means that you will not notice it is even there. The bra in question is the ‘Foxleaf’ bra, developed by a Master’s student, Sarah Da Costa, and which you’ve most likely already heard of.

The Fashion Industry is embracing tech Wear

The fashion industry is certainly embracing this new tech wear trend. Even fashion schools are educating young designers to embrace technology and nanomaterials, which are expected to revolutionise fashion.

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Silver nanoparticles are a good example. They are added to clothing for their powerful bacteria-killing abilities, and also to prevent the unpleasant accompanying odours that bacteria cause. Nanosilver particles release positively charged ions and this prevents bacterial cells from functioning. Amazing, right?

Designers are going full steam ahead with introducing the fashion world to new technologies, and 3-D-printed garments are a common sight on haute couture catwalks. Körner, a lecturer at Suprastudio at UCLA, makes use of computer modelling software from the architecture industry in order to create 3-D fashion designs, which can be tweaked for a custom fit.

She says, ‘I believe the technology adds an incredible advantage to fashion design…it is now possible to custom fabricate a garment. The design of the whole piece can change within a few seconds.’

Functional and Trendy Tech Accessories

The Apple Watch is about to be launched. This chic smartwatch will be available in nine countries to start with. It will also be available in an aluminium Sport edition, stainless steel and gold Edition at Apple stores.

The Apple Watch can be used to, amongst other things, read emails, track fitness goals and receive Facebook alerts. This tech-wear is luxurious for sure, with a sapphire glass-protected display and 8GB of storage. You will definitely be spoiling yourself if you decide to make a purchase. 2GB is available for music and you can use the watch’s built-in Bluetooth to enjoy music on the go.

Beautifully engineered, the Apple Watch is going to be a status symbol as well as a fashion statement. However, Apple isn’t the only tech company producing maximum-impact fashion wear. Google has also come out with a range of Android wear and Samsung also released no less than five smartwatches during 2014.

Some Wearable Tech Items Geared towards Health

Wearable tech in the 21st century is all the rage, and the demand for it is going beyond tech accessories such as the Apple Watch. Today, designers are looking to innovate even more types of accessories, while also creating apparel and fitness wear that can do more than just create a certain look.

Celebrating a modern lifestyle where the emphasis is on health, wearable tech includes great health and fitness finds where you can learn more about yourself and your current state of health. These devices and apps can reveal your mood and also keep track of your self-improvement attempts. The options are now endless and we have detailed a few gadgets and apps below:

  • Lumo Lift posture coach is a sensor to improve your posture. This can be great for a lot of people as back pain is quite common. You can simply pin this device onto your clothes like a brooch and after you programme it, it will then vibrate when you don’t maintain good posture and/or slouch.
  • The Spire device is small and conveniently clips to your bra strap or on to your jeans. It monitors your stress levels so that you can take the necessary actions to slow down and gather your overall mood to be where you want it to be.
  • The Climate Dress warns of pollution in the air. This dress actually senses the CO2 concentration. It gives an indication of this by creating certain light patterns from LED lights.
  • The Petal Dress by Rainbow Winters is also available. Some people call the dress versatile because the fabric is screen-printed with colour-changing ink. When the Petal Dress is worn in sunlight the ink changes to a new colour. Once you move indoors the fabric reverts back to its original colour.
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It’s no wonder that the director and senior vice president of a Dallas-based retail store acknowledged at New York Fashion Week that ‘technology is what’s moving fashion forward’.

Characteristics that stand out for Customers

Are you interested in purchasing tech wear but you can’t find it anywhere? Well it is true that you do have to know where to look. Eles is always on trend for such high-fashion items. They also provide everything ‘under one roof’, with reasonable prices, next day delivery, all coming from lots of different high street stores, and to top it off they provide fantastic customer service.

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