How To Brighten Your Interiors With Window Shutters

Are you looking to lighten up your living space? There are plenty of ways you can brighten an interior – obviously, there’s your choice of lighting, but there’s also the paint on the walls, the shade of the carpet, the tone and arrangement of the decor…and let’s not forget our window furnishings. After all, windows are how we let natural light into our homes, so the way we furnish them makes a big difference.

When it comes to window furnishings, interior shutters make for a versatile option. They’re available in a range of designs and custom colours to suit your style, all while providing a balance between controlling your light levels, keeping your privacy, and heating your home.

So, what shutter styles and colours could help to illuminate your interior? Let’s take a look.

How To Brighten Your Interiors With Window Shutters | UK Lifestyle Blog

Tier on Tier Shutters

Louvred shutter styles with separate panels, such as tier-on-tier shutters, allow for a degree of versatility – for example, you can pull the upper panels open to let in light while closing the slats of the lower panel to keep your privacy.

Café Style Shutters

If you don’t want your shutters to cover the entire window, then Café style shutters are an option for you. A half-and-half setup provides a great degree of flexibility, perfect for street-level living spaces.

Tracked Shutters

Instead of being fixed to a frame piece, the panels on these shutters are attached to a track at the bottom. Designed for the widest of windows, tracked shutters can be hinged, bi-folded, or simply slid open and closed, putting you in control of your light levels.

Choosing Your Colours

Of course, it’s not all about the utility of the shutter. The colour of the shutter can also be used to brighten a room, whether that’s injecting a vibrant splash for contrast or complimenting an already light look.

Most shutter ranges will come in a range of classic, paler tones – think vivid white or cream grey paint, or a stained finish in beach or limewash white.

But pale doesn’t mean drab! In fact, white shutters are a wonderful choice for brightening a room. They really lift up a space when highlighted by natural light – it’s the most popular colour choice for a reason.

But sometimes interiors need something a bit more eye-catching! So, if you’re looking for something outside of the ordinary, you’ll want to go for a custom colour.

Shutterly Fabulous Custom Colours

Shutter companies that provide custom shutters, such as Shutterly Fabulous, tend to be flexible when it comes to colour choice. Although Shutterly Fabulous has a standard colour range made up of more neutral colours, they also accommodate a range of custom colour requests. After all, their made-to-measure shutter service has customer personalisation in mind.

Shutterly says they will match any Dulux tone, any Little Greene colour, and any Farrow & Ball shade.

So, if you wanted your shutters to boost the brightness of your room in a vibrant Sweet Pink, Lemon Punch, Atomic Red or Marigold, you can have exactly that!

When it comes to picking the exact colour you want, Shutterly recommends ordering custom samples directly from their factory, as the paint on the samples will be the exact same paint they’ll use for your finished shutters.

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