Solar Panels – Are They a Good Fit For Your Home?

Home solar panels are readily available and can be customized to all kinds of premises and roof layouts. A quick online search will show solar companies near me, who can provide a configuration and detailed quote based on your requirements.

Given that many retail stores even sell solar panels nowadays, it is possible to shop around to get the best possible price to fit your budget. This can help reduce solar panel cost, or at the very least spread the initial start-up investment you need to make with a monthly leasing arrangement.

This article guides you through the basics of home solar panels, and how to plan your project.

Solar panels – are they a good fit for your home? | UK Lifestyle Blog

Financing your project

In addition to shopping around, you can also apply some creative thinking to save even more dollars.

As they compete for new business, retailers commonly offer attractive financing options with minimal interest rates and down payments.

You can also enquire about rebates that may be available through your state administration or even federal programs. You can also benefit from tax credit schemes that can contribute significantly to the cost of your installation.

Choosing the type of system

Once you have made the decision to go solar, there are a few choices to make. First, you will need to decide between grid-tie or off-grid systems.

With grid-tie, simply put, you will make savings on your energy costs. You use your solar energy system to generate your own electricity instead of purchasing it from a large supplier. However, in case you need it, grid-tie enables you to tap into the grid if your home solar panels fail, or if you run out of your own supply.

Alternatively, off-grid solar energy systems are more costly, but also include battery storage. This makes it possible to store your own power. This is a great option for more remote properties not connected to the mains utility supply.

With modern home solar panels, it is also possible to create a hybrid of the two systems. This type of installation includes on-site batteries for storage but also taps into the main grid in the event of local shortages or power cuts.

Calculating the return on investment

Every solar panel manufacturer offers different warranties and expected lifespans. As a general rule, you can expect solar panels to last for up to 30 years. They are quite low maintenance, and just need a little clean and tidy to maximize their exposure to the sun. Should any repairs be needed, you can also get extended warranties to cover every eventuality.

With this in mind, you may be wondering how long it takes to recoup your investment. Even if you need to put up a few thousand dollars to start, it is important to know when you will realize a return.

This can depend on the number of panels you have installed, your energy consumption, and whether you sell any surplus to the grid – and of course, how much sunlight you get!

Either way, you have made a wise decision to look into solar panels – both for your wallet, and the planet!

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