How To Get The Temperature Right In Your Bathroom

We all love to spend lots of time in the bathroom. We use that space to relax after work and to get ready for big nights out. Sometimes getting the temperature right can be a real hassle. With all that hot water in the tub, we can start to feel overwhelmed by the stuffiness. Also, during the winter months, bathrooms can become very cold.

From today’s post, you will learn about the most suitable solutions. Which you select is completely down to personal preference. Just make sure you have one way of cooling the room down, and one way of making it warmer. That should be enough to ensure you are always comfortable when the door is locked.

How To Get The Temperature Right In Your Bathroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

Towel Rails

The people at recommend heated towel rails if you want a fantastic upgrade. There are two different types on the market. You need to decide between rails that are plumbed into your standard heating system, and electric alternatives.

You should never use anything that requires a plug because it is too dangerous. Heated towel rails will allow you to increase the temperature with ease. Also, your towels will be nice and toasty when you get out of the tub.

Bathroom radiators

Those of you who don’t have enough room for a heated towel rail should consider fitting a standard radiator in your bathroom. It’s always a good idea to call a plumber if you don’t have experience in altering pipework. The last thing you need is for something to go wrong. Your entire home could flood.

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Luckily, most professional plumbers can fit a radiator in less than an hour. That means you won’t have to spend your life savings to get their assistance. Just make sure you read online reviews before selecting your tradesman. There are lots of websites where you can read the comments made by previous clients.

Air conditioning

Adding an air conditioning unit in your bathroom could be sensible if it often becomes too warm. However, they might change the appearance of your space. Decent units will come with a remote control. That means you can switch it on and alter the settings from the comfort of your tub.

Just bear in mind that you might have to cut a large hole out of your wall to install the item. Again, don’t mess around with things like that if you don’t know what you are doing. Some air conditioning specialists will include fitting costs in your quote. Even if you have to pay extra, it’s not going to leave you penniless.

That’s almost all I’ve got time for this morning. However, it’s worth mentioning that underfloor heating is becoming a popular choice for UK homeowners this year. It is much more expensive than the other solutions I’ve highlighted. Still, it’s worthy of your consideration. There is nothing quite like stepping out of the bath onto a hot floor.

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