The Summer Bod You Would Die For Can Be Yours, Here’s How

Summer is here again and that means one thing for us all, it’s bikini season! But before you start to panic and cower under a rock until Autumn, there is still time for you to look absolutely stunning. Your body can look great, and you can feel terrific in no time at all with this simple guide. All it takes is for you to look after yourself. That way, there will be no reason to cower when the sun comes out.

Get Into An Exercise Routine

If you can get into a routine, you will be well on your way to improving your body. It does not matter if you start by only doing a little bit of a workout. Once you get into the habit of doing some exercise daily you can increase the amount and make the process go a little faster. Your first task is to choose a routine. We suggest buying an exercise ball and practicing simple exercises. For instance you can lie flat on your back and throw the ball with your legs. Catch it in your hands and repeat the exercise ten or twenty times. It sounds harder than it is but it will certainly burn off those calories.

Try Different Types

You may have to try a few different exercises before you find the one that is right for you. We recommend giving jogging ago. Not only does this tone your legs, it is also a brilliant way to relieve stress. As crazy as it seems, stress can be the cause of a bad figure so it is worth a try. Or you could give yoga a go. But do not be fooled. Although it might look easy, yoga is actually quite a strenuous activity.

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Find A Goal

Your next challenge is to set a goal and stick to it. This is usually the weight you want to be by the end of the year or after six months. You can use an app to keep track of your progress and watch how many calories you are eating. When it comes to getting in shape, technology is now your best friend.

Balance Your Diet

Of course, exercise is going to have virtually no effect on your figure if you are still eating poorly. If you are trying to put on some muscle or get toned as well as losing weight, try buying a few food products from Muscle Meat. This company offers food packed with protein that will create the perfect diet to go with your exercise. But overall, you just want to make sure your diet is filled with the four natural food groups.

Change Your Life

The last step is to change the daily activities in your life so that they add to your exercise. For instance, rather than driving to work see if you can cycle or even walk. If your job keeps you in a chair all day, try some butt clenches. These little things will help you burn off more calories than you realise!h2>

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  • I joined the gym three months ago, I feel fitter now but I still smoke so don’t feel healthy, So my new years resolution is to quit smoking, its a filthy habit, and with two young children its not the role model I want to be, I really enjoy the gym so this is another step in the right direction xxx