How To Make a Business Launch Party a Success

Confession: I’m obsessed with checking my Google Analytics. I find it really interesting to learn what content is popular on my blog, and to use those insights and data to develop my content further to keep my readers happy.  Turns out, my blogging tips and freelance advice category (re-branded #BossBabe) has been SO popular with my audience. This makes me feel fuzzy inside because this is what motivates me to write the most. I founded a digital marketing agency two years ago, so anything business is totally up my street!

Lots of people have got in touch with me recently asking to pick my brains because they want to launch a business, HOW EXCITING IS THAT!? ✨ Well, if this is you then go have a read on the best of the blog posts online, as there are tons of helpful resources. If you’ve already got a business plan and you’re due to launch a new business, the best way to create a buzz about it is holding a launch party…

How to Make a Business Launch Party a Success | UK Lifestyle Blog

Cleverly combined with a great public relations and marketing campaign, you can increase your brand awareness overnight, and meet some people who can help your new venture grow in the future. Planning a business launch party, however, requires a lot of preparation, and you need to make a good impression.

Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Invitations and Research

First, you have to find people who can help you in your new venture, and do your market research. Before choosing companies and people to invite, you might want to check business directories and do your own research, so you can make the most out of your branding and marketing opportunities. You can list potential suppliers, customers, and business partners, as well as future investors. Send out invitations via the post, and identify the key decision makers when addressing the cards.

How to Make a Business Launch Party a Success | UK Lifestyle Blog

Marketing Materials

You have to be prepared to answer questions during your launch party, but don’t want to turn the event into a marketing event. Instead, make sure you have some printed materials and goodie bags your guests can take with them, so you they don’t have to talk too much about your business. While holding an introduction speech in the beginning of the business launch party is acceptable, you shouldn’t carry on talking about it during the event. You can pitch potential clients later; now you have to focus on branding.

Branding Decoration

A good way of making your guests remember your company and what it is about is adding branding decoration. When planning a party, you have to create the atmosphere that is both professional and welcoming. You should display your logo everywhere you can, and your slogan, as well. You can choose your brand’s colours for the table decorations, and create a strong image this way.

How to Make a Business Launch Party a Success | UK Lifestyle Blog


To make sure that your potential clients and business partners will remember your party, and you will have something to talk about when you give them a call later, you want to arrange quality entertainment, too. Check out and Pop to find the right band available for your dates, and book them for the night. You should have the entertainment after the food has been served, and people are relaxed, socialisng.


It is important that you book a quality catering company to serve the food during the event. You might be able to save money by ordering sandwiches and finger food, but having a bar with a professional barman will make a huge difference. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable and can get what they are looking for. When you send out the invitations, make sure you ask about special dietary needs, so you can cater for everyone.

How to Make a Business Launch Party a Success | UK Lifestyle Blog


It is always a good idea to give your guests a good enough reason to attend your business launch party. If you allow them to display their promotional materials or introduce their business to other attendees, they are more likely to come to your event. You can give everyone two minutes to talk about their business and their brand, so everyone can find the person they would like to connect with later. Turning your launch event into a networking party can improve your reputation and increase the size of your list.

Follow Up

You shouldn’t forget about the long term benefits of a business launch party, either. Eventually, you will want to get in touch with people who attended and follow up with them. You can send out a “thank you” note to all of the people who came, and ask them whether they would like to find out more about the services or products you offer. Make sure that you communicate with people after the party and ask for feedback.

How to Make a Business Launch Party a Success | UK Lifestyle Blog

Whether you are looking for new customers or just would like to create a buzz about your brand, a launch party can help you achieve your goals. Make sure that you are able to reach out to people who are likely to matter for your business long term, and follow up leads after the party. Grab every opportunity to strengthen your brand and impress your potential clients. This way, investing in throwing a launch party will deliver great returns.

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