How To Make The Most Of Your Garage

I’ve been in my house just over a month, and already my storage area underneath my decked terrace overlooking my lawn is full of furniture, surf boards and gardening tools! I’m guilty of using it as a dumping ground. My plan for the weekend is to sort it out though, ready for the arrival of my new pet bunny, who I’m picking up next weekend.

It’s been challenging knowing how to best utilise the space, but with a little DIY I’m sure I can transform it from a dumping ground, to another area to store my stuff in a water tight outdoor cellar! This is quite a unique feature to my property, so it got me thinking about creating a post for readers that probably have the same issue… in their garage!

How to make the most of your garage | UK Lifestyle Blog

“Space: the final frontier” as someone once said in a famous science fiction television and film series. There’s no reason you can’t apply that quote to your own home, because space really can be your final frontier when you seem to have run out of storage.

Running out of storage space is one of those things that can make you feel overwhelmed. It’s so easy getting new bits and pieces in and moving old ones out into the garage, with the best intentions of having a yard sale – sometime in the future.

Living and sleeping spaces are nowhere near as pleasant to be in when they are cluttered up, so yet again your trusty garage becomes the dumping ground for yet more stuff.

What’s your garage for?

Maybe that’s a question you ask yourself from time to time. Traditionally it’s used to house your car, protecting it from the elements and keeping it safe from the possibility of it being stolen or damaged when outside. In addition, you could well have some ladders in there, maybe a small workbench and some tools so you can do some DIY work or maintenance.

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When you look at it what do you see? Is it messy and disorganised thanks to everything you’ve dumped in it? If so, it really doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily get it organised and at the same time spruce up the whole look of it, simply by updating your garage door.

A new door

So many garage doors are old, may not open or close very easily and don’t look good from the outside. That’s because they’re old. If you need a garage door spring replacement all you’re doing is adding a bit of new to the old and tired door. A new door can not only increase your security and add to the space you have inside but could also increase the value of your house. It’s certainly worth your consideration.

Improving the inner space

It’s easy to despair when confronted with mess inside, but a few simple steps can help you get organised. Make a list of what’s there and what you really want to keep and what you don’t. Have a yard sale or give the goods to a charity. That’s new space liberated. Now you need to organise the rest of the space.

Group similar items together, tools and DIY materials in one area, ladders slung on hooks on the wall and if you have space, your gardening implements in another area.

There are many storage systems you can choose from, so decide what suits, whether it’s cabinet components, moveable shelf systems, platforms that can be lowered from the ceiling with pulleys, or hook-and-hanger combinations.

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Keep it tidy

Once you’ve done your garage reorganisation – and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – your challenge is to keep it tidy. Don’t use it as a dump. Use it as a great way to give yourself extra room. You ought to be able to get the car in now!

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