Simple Ideas For A Pet-Friendly Garden

When you have cats, dogs or a rabbit, there is a lot of work to do inside the house, let alone in the garden. At this time of the year, it’s not too much of a problem. But, come spring, when the family spend more time outside, a messy garden can cause all kinds of extra work.

It got me thinking about how I can make the garden safe for my bunny, Petal to run around the garden. So, if you want an easier time of it next spring and summer, read on. Theses simple garden upgrades can make your life a lot easier.

Simple Ideas For A Pet-Friendly Garden | UK Lifestyle Blog


First of all, make sure that your garden is safe. Winter is a great time for going out and having a good look around, as many of your trees, bushes and plants will be bare. Look at walls, fences, and hedgerows, and identify any areas that need repairing. You should also take a look around any trees and make sure that there are no roots growing into any essential areas. They can cause significant problems, and now is the time to see what needs doing.


Your next step is to go through all your plants and vegetables and check they are all safe if your pet decides to chomp away at them. If they are likely targets, think about moving them into a safer area – or you could even think about building a raised flower bed. They are simple to do – head over to the RHS website for the finer details.


Next, look at any areas that could be suitable for rabbit runs. Since rabbits need a lot of space to run around, this can dominate small gardens. However, if there is room, look for a permanent option; otherwise, try and fit it into somewhere that is accessible, but not in the way.


There should have somewhere to keep rabbit essentials such as hay, food and litter pellets – and the preference should be outside. Take a look at these little sheds that you can buy which are the perfect option. If you don’t have storage, you will spend a lot longer tidying up, and leaving your products out all night and during bad weather will ruin them eventually.


Don’t underestimate the many benefits of having paving laid down. It’s an excellent buffer between the mud and mess of the garden and the tidiness and cleanliness of your home. You don’t have to go overboard, of course, and even a little can go a long way. And, of course, you will be able to go out and enjoy garden time, even if it is spectacularly muddy.

Water features

A lot of people are put off water features because of the safety issues it can cause. You shouldn’t underestimate those problems at all – but that doesn’t mean you should miss out. You could find a suitable grate to put over your pond, for example, if you can have a safe water feature in your garden.

Any more tips for the perfect family garden? Let me know in the comments!

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