Tips On How To Organise Your Kitchen And Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle

Are you currently feeling uninspired with your kitchen? If you are using your kitchen for endless Zoom meetings, you may find as times have passed, you are falling out of love with your space. Have you thought about how changing the organisation of your kitchen space can help to reinvigorate this once unloved room?

In this article, kitchen design experts, Krantz Designs are here to provide you with some amazing organisation solutions you can implement to keep your kitchen clear and functional.

Tips on How to Organise Your Kitchen and Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle | UK Lifestyle Blog

Tough Love

Many of us are guilty of adding to our kitchen, but not taking the time to see what we already have.

Before thinking about your next purchase, take the time to go through the whole of your kitchen space. Kitchen drawers, cupboards, overhead storage (and yes, even the random drawer we have filled with bits and pieces.) 

Taking the time to review your kitchen can make you realize how you need to adapt, change and even revamp items you were keeping tucked away.

When this is achieved, be realistic and think of what you would consider to be a functional kitchen. Once you have gone through the items and considered the best options for your space, you could also look at potentially donating or selling your unwanted items.

Tips on How to Organise Your Kitchen and Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle | UK Lifestyle Blog

Position & Precision

Now that you have all the items you want to keep, you could simply look at repositioning and see if moving certain appliances and items could achieve a much more flowing space.

When positioning, you should look at keeping the items you use the most at eye level and any that aren’t used as often either stored or placed further/higher away.

From an aesthetic point of view, extra cupboard space allows for a lot of those bulkier items to be hidden away but with easy access. 

Tips on How to Organise Your Kitchen and Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle | UK Lifestyle Blog

Storage Solutions

If you are happy to invest in your kitchen, then considering integrated storage options is a fantastic choice.

From pantry cupboards to spice drawers, you can now find an endless array of options you can incorporate into your current kitchen space. Here are a couple of options you could consider –

Jar & Spice Rack

Instead of using a separate cupboard for your spices and jars, you can add a rack onto the inside of the door of a currently used cupboard. This option not only helps keep everything in order but makes your jars and spices much easier to access.

Cutlery/Utensil Inserts

Having a cutlery tray can make accessing your cutlery and utensils simple, as there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to prepare and not finding the right utensils for the job.

Tips on How to Organise Your Kitchen and Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle | UK Lifestyle Blog

If you already have an insert in place, have you considered changing which drawer you have placed this in?

For example, having a drawer closer to your oven can make it much quicker to access, and considering a larger drawer can mean you can add your utensils and cutlery in one place. Eliminating the surface space you are currently using for your utensils.

Peg Inserts

You may currently have your pots and plates cramped on top of each other. Instead, have you considered peg inserts? Peg inserts work perfectly with a deep, pan drawer or cupboard and help ensure everything is easy to find and placed accordingly.

Built-In Bin

Many don’t realize how much room a bin can take, especially if you have a smaller kitchen area. Considering a built-in bin won’t only ensure your kitchen remains clutter-free, but the use of an integrated bin drawer for your waste can help bring backspace you didn’t know you could use again.

Wine Storage

Who doesn’t love wine? If you are considered to be a wine connoisseur, then a built-in wine storage area not only adds space but this feature can create a gorgeous centerpiece to your kitchen and can help amplify the luxury element you want to achieve.

Tips on How to Organise Your Kitchen and Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t Stop!

The organization of your kitchen should be maintained. After a couple of weeks, take the time to see if you feel happier with your kitchen, or if you want to add any further changes or declutter even more. Staying on top of your kitchen shouldn’t be a daunting task. Take the leap of faith and fall back in love with your kitchen.

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