How To Refresh Your Home Office In Four Easy Steps

This week we’re decorating our office and I’m so excited to share with you the house now it’s almost finished!

When you spend a lot of time in one space, it’s important you like it and feel comfortable in it. The average person spends around a third of every day in an office environment – be it at home or in a standard office. This means it’s no surprise that when a person doesn’t love their working space, it has a negative impact on them. In fact, according to a recent study, a good office design can lead to a 33% increase in happiness.

If your office space no longer sparks joy and you’re feeling like it’s contributing negatively to your mood and work output, it’s likely time for a refresh. This doesn’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul; there are more than a few ways you can easily refresh your office space, and here are four of them.

How to Refresh Your Home Office in Four Easy Steps | UK Lifestyle Blog

Upgrade your  flooring

Have you noticed an annoying ink stain on your carpet? Perhaps there’s a corner that’s come up and is frayed, or it’s just exceptionally old and could do with replacing as it’s discolored. Whatever the reason, getting a new office floor can have a drastic impact on the overall look and feel of your office. Despite the massive effect new flooring can have, finding the best carpet replacement needn’t be too tricky a task.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a light color as this will be able to counteract any lack of light or bold wall colors. In addition, neutral colored office carpets go with anything and make it easy to repurpose the room, so if you’ve been working at home throughout the pandemic and are set to go back to the office full time soon, a neutral carpet will allow you to seamlessly transition your room into a bedroom or craft room without a lot of effort.

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How to Refresh Your Home Office in Four Easy Steps | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get thinking about paint

In a similar way to the flooring has a big impact, walls are just as important. A lot of typical offices are bright white with fluorescent tube lights which creates a clinical feel that is not conducive to optimal working.

Rather than white, try an off-white shade. It will not only make the room feel warmer (especially if you live in a draughty house), but it won’t detract from the cleanliness that white so often gives. That being said, rather than painting the entire room one color, why not introduce a feature wall?

How to Refresh Your Home Office in Four Easy Steps | UK Lifestyle Blog

If you’re creative, orange or purple could help to get those juices flowing. Alternatively, if you’re a therapist or support worker, try blue as this is a calming color. You don’t need to choose an extremely vibrant shade – think pastels instead. They’re less imposing but just as effective and will go a long way to adding some personality into your office.

Don’t neglect lighting

Working at a computer is something most of us do, and whilst it seems completely normal in modern times, the human eye has yet to catch up. Eye strain is a common problem amongst office workers and light has a lot to do with it.

Try and avoid harsh white lights those with a blue hue, and choose something slightly warmer, but make sure there’s plenty of it. One light in the corner of the room away from your computer screen will cause added strain, so the room needs to be well lit but not in a harsh way. Too much light could cause headaches and migraines.

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How to Refresh Your Home Office in Four Easy Steps | UK Lifestyle Blog

If you can, try and make the most of natural light. This is where light-colored floors and walls come into it and they will reflect the available light. Maximize the light from your window by avoiding dark curtains framing it and choosing slatted blinds instead. They’re practical but open up the window, too; the perfect balance!

Finish with some accents

The final thing you need to think about is accents. This means things like rugs, wall art, plants, and trinkets. Don’t overcram the room with accents, but make sure you inject aspects of your personality so that the room feels comfortable and like yours.

How to Refresh Your Home Office in Four Easy Steps | UK Lifestyle Blog

So, a lick of paint, a new rug, a nice lamp, and a new carpet are the easiest way to refresh your home office. Give it a try and see how much better your work life and mood become!

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