How To Use Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil for hair is an emollient that will rejuvenate hair and make it shine.  Moroccan oil also helps to strengthen hair follicles and reduce frizziness when used regularly. If you have hair that is really prone to breakage then you will definitely benefit from using Moroccan oil. People with normal hair can use it to enhance the shine to their hair.

Many individuals that use heat to dry their hair or to style it, often end up having very dry and damaged hair. The problem can be exacerbated when they use shampoos or hair products that cause more dryness. A great way to fight this problems is to use Moroccan oil for hair because it will add moisture to the damaged hair. This hair oil works on hair shafts to improve, not only the overall look, but also the health of the hair. When hair is stronger it can handle the heat of a hair dryer or straightening iron so much better.How to Use Moroccan Oil | UK Lifestyle Blog

By itself or in formulations, such as found in the Moroccanoil Treatment® products, Moroccan Argan oil can be used in a number of ways for hair. You can easily incorporate it into your existing hair care routine.

For daily hair care use the following 4 steps are recommended:

1. Shampoo and conditioner as normal with whatever products you are comfortable with for your hair. After shower, comb and gently towel dry hair.

2. With hair still damp pour a dime to nickle sized portion of Moroccan Oil onto the palm of your hand depending on hair length (quarter sized portion for very long, thick, coarse hair). Less is usually better as the oil stretches a long way.


3. Spread the oil out by rubbing hands together. Then, massage and apply oil into your hair using hands, working from tip to root. Make sure to apply small drops of oil as needed. Alternatively, you may choose just to focus on the mid to tips and forgo application of oil to the root. This is especially for long hair or if you do not need/are uneasy about root treatments.

4. After finishing application, blow dry hair with a brush. Use a diffuser if curls are desired, or paddle brush for straight smooth styles. You can also let dry naturally if you choose. Either way, hair will be shiny and silky smooth. Before or during this step you can also apply any products you routinely use as standard parts of your styling process.

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