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How I deal with my fizzy hair (and you can, too!)

Being blessed with curly and wavy hair does come with its own curse, and that’s known as the frizz. Learning to tame your frizz now will serve you well as your style changes and evolves. Curly hair is not as strong as other textures of hair. Care should be used in every phase of hair styling and care. Split ends are easy to cause with the wrong type of styling techniques.

The weather can also be the culprit. If you live in a humid muggy environment, then frizzy hair is something to expect. The good news is there are ways to tame it and work with your look.

How I deal with my fizzy hair (and you can, too!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair

First, resolve to handle your hair in the least possible ways. Anytime you are going to work your fingers through your hair, be certain to dampen your fingers with water, first. This will smooth frizz. It’s also wise not to wash your hair every day. Since oily hair is not an issue with curls and waves, washing every other day is recommended.

An exception to the rule is if your hair is coarse, then a hot curling iron is advised. The coarse texture accepts the heat well and smoothes the hair, eliminating frizz. If drying your hair is a must, and these days it’s hard to dry naturally every time, using the blow dryer correctly and, by method, will keep your hair healthier and possibly cut down on the frizz.

Dry in sections using a circular motion and finish off with a cool air setting. This will help seal the moisture in your hair. Examine your styling products. Those high in alcohol are drying and, over time, damaging to your hair.

The way to read labels is to realize that the ingredients listed first is the most percentage ingredient in the product. Look for alcohol free aids and learn to use them. Know your daily conditioner and your deep treatment conditioner. Those that are oil based may contribute to the frizz, making these less than attractive to use.

If choosing products is confusing, simply select the specific to your hair type. It should say on the bottle what hair type is best served by the formula.

You might have something suitable for your hair right under your nose though. Products safe for your hair and very useful in fighting the frizz are vinegar and egg.

Vinegar can smooth the hair at the cuticle and bring the PH balance back to normal in your hair. A vinegar rinse is recommended once a week. Mixing an egg with 1 tablespoon of olive oil creates a paste to apply to your hair.

Let it set for ½ hour and then rinse out. Afterwards, use your regular shampoo and conditioner. This protein rich treatment may be used once a week to bring health back to the hair cuticles.

Regular hair trims every 4 to 6 weeks is also a useful tool in combating frizz. If your hair is suffering damage, it is recommended to remove the damage then resolve to work at bringing your hair back to health.

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Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair

It’s amazing what you put your hair through. From the blow dryers to the flat irons, you literally cook your hair at least every other day. Are you tired of dealing with dull and tired hair? If so, then consider the practices that have brought you to where you are, and what you can change in your routine in order to eliminate as much damage as possible, and learn to care for damage hair.

Useful tips on how to care for damaged hair | UK Lifestyle Blog

Damaged hair is usually rough to the touch. Its condition is dry and brittle, and not at all what you have been working for. One of the top ways to compromise your hair’s health is chemical processing, whether it’s a permanent dye job or straightening procedure. It’s surprising to also realize that frequent shampooing can weaken your hair. The heating tools we use to frequently, and the styling aids not used correctly combined can really leave their mark. Even too much sun is harmful to your hair, not to mention what’s in the water that you wash and swim in.

It takes time and effort and, sometimes, a bit of radical action, but getting your hair back to a healthy place is well worth the sacrifice. Begin by giving your hair time off. On the days you can get by with not washing and styling it, by all means, do so. When it is necessary, wash gently with a protein rich shampoo and, if possible, allow it to dry naturally. Consider your hair: Is it wavy and curly? Then finger picking through it to style, and hurrying up the drying procedure is a great way to care for your hair. No matter the texture of your hair, learn to towel blot as much as possible. Do not wring it out with a towel as this contributes to breakage.

Using a wide tooth comb and banning all brushes is a way to ensure the best possible condition for smoothing your hair. Look at your conditioner. Is it time to change it to a more protein enriched treatment? Be certain you are rinsing well as conditioner can build layers on your hair and cause it to become coated and dull. Always rinse in warm water. A cool rinse is fine and will help seal in moisture once you are certain that your hair is free of any cleaning agents. If you feel that the outside elements are really adding to your damage, you may want to consider some sexy, sassy hats or scarves. These are timeless accessories and, with a little practice, can be worn for pizzazz while protecting your hair.

If hats and scarves are not your thing, you can purchase a leave in conditioner or protective spray to combat the sun’s damage. Stay away from bleaching the hair. An herbal color rinse can be considered but color free is best. A deep conditioning treatment once a week is vital. Do your research on what’s specific to your needs. Last, but not least, trim those split ends away!

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Tips on dying your hair blonde

Just three weeks away from being the maid of honour at my best friends wedding, I’m battling a love hate relationship with my hair. I like having light hair, but I’ve spent so long growing out my dark blonde roots so it matches my eyebrows. But do I give in and fix my roots, take the plunge and go dark blonde all over or just leave my ombre roots that I know and love?!

Even picking a shade of blonde, there are a multitude of styles and sub-shades. So, the best thing to do would be research on what colours would suit suit your complexion and eye colour best and of course what could go best with your attitude.

Tips on dying your hair blonde | UK Lifestyle Blog

But here are few tips to help you in pick the right color:

  1. Light ash blonde hair colour: this type of hair colour would suit those who have a lighter complexion with a lighter eye colour. This shade comes usually in a whiter shade or a blonde grey tint. Typically, these shades look better in my opinion. 
  2. Natural blonde hair colour: If you have it naturally then that’s good but if you don’t then you can easily carry it out no matter what your skin tone may be. Girls with lighter skin should go with a lighter tone of blonde colour and those with a slightly darker skin tone should go for a darker blonde colour.
  3. Beige blonde hair colour: This is a look with a darker base and lighter highlights. This suites all medium skin tones. You can easily carry out a ashy or orangish look with this colour and best suits a warmer skin tone.
  4. Bronze blonde hair colour: You should definitely go for this colour is you are looking to sport a warm and beachy look. This colour really suits tawny complexions with light to medium shades of eye colours.
  5. Copper blonde hair colour: This is a golden hue under tones. This colour goes well with darker skin tones and brown or black eye colours. Copper blonde is a striking way to go blonde without looking hazy.
  6. Chocolate blonde hair color: If you are a darker shade of caramel blonde, then this hair color would give you a more stunning look especially with golden highlights. This looks good for darker skin tones with darker eye colors. Try to avoid overdoing the white or platinum as they won’t give you a natural look.

So you have a few pointers as to what hair colour you should go with, then these tips have really helped point you in the right direction. All you need to do now is visit a salon near by and get the look you’ve always been wanting.

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