How You Can Keep The Spark In Your Relationship Live And Kicking

It’s normal to have a few bumps in the road. What isn’t normal is when things don’t get smooth again. Coming from a gal who’s just been through a breakup, I’ve come some advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

To have a long-lasting and loving relationship, you need to keep the spark alive. Here are a few ways how. (PS: If your boyfriend is lying to and manipulating you, these need not apply, and you can skip to the last paragraph of this post).

How You Can Keep The Spark In Your Relationship Live And Kicking | UK Lifestyle Blog

Be Passionate

Not like a hormonal teenager mind you. Like an adult. Don’t be apathetic to your partner’s life. Be engaged in what they do. If something goes wrong at work, be there for them. If they’re angry about something, talk it out properly with them. If they’re sad, comfort them.

Do all the things you should do for the love of your life and they will reciprocate. Just try and not take your relationship for granted. Feel as lucky to have them as they are to have you.

Mark The Milestones

There are lots of milestones in a marriage. Big anniversaries usually. You need to mark them though. You need to remind yourself how far you’ve come and how much you’ve experience together. Get a 5th wedding anniversary gift for the both of you.

Something to commemorate the event. Something that you can stick on the mantle and see every single day. When relationship troubles come up, knowing how much you’ve been through together can stop the pair of you pulling apart.

Have Some Space

Sometimes the reason the spark goes out is because of being too close. People are different. We are all individuals, and we live individual lives. Sometimes it can be rough to feel like you are joined at the hip with someone. If you or your partner are feeling like that, maybe start doing things separately. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. A little bit of time for yourself can’t hurt.

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Talk It Through

Communication is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most relationships. They either feel uncomfortable talking about certain subjects, or they are in denial about it. Talking always works. Honesty is the best policy. It’s important not to be too blunt or cruel with this honesty.

Sometimes the truth hurts, so don’t rub salt in. If something your partner does annoys you or drives you away, let them know. Just make it courteous. Find out why the spark has gone out. If you can both reach an agreement to try new things to bring it back, that’s great.

Take A Holiday

Sometimes the same day in and day out life is what kills the spark. Life can get dull. When life gets dull, people get bored. Take a trip for the both of you and enjoy yourselves together in a new environment. It could be a break in the sun with no worries is just what you need. Just remember to enjoy yourselves. Don’t focus on the relationship too much, just let things naturally work themselves out.

But hey, who am I to give relationship advice? Don’t worry though ladies, there are plenty of other Ryan Gosling looking men out there, waiting for us! ♥

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