Is Bad Communication Putting The Brakes On Your Relationship?

After such positive feedback on one of my relationship posts, I’ve decided to address a subject that comes up time and time again – communication! In a healthy relationship, communication is extremely important. Without it, the connection you have with your partner may start to fizzle out, so it’s vital that you’re both open and honest with one another to make sure your bond remains strong.

If you find it hard to address certain issues, keep reading. Here are three common relationship problems you might have trouble communicating with your partner about, and what you can do to solve them.

Is bad communication putting the brakes on your relationship? | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Kicking jealousy to the curb

Feelings of jealousy can cause huge problems in a relationship, and it can be a subject of conversation that you’d prefer to avoid. However, keeping your envy to yourself is a recipe for disaster, and letting it build up could make the situation even worse. Even though you might be anxious to broach the topic, opening up to your partner about your feelings will make you feel like a weight has been lifted. It’s also likely to reassure you that you needn’t feel this way. Having an honest conversation will give you both the opportunity to straighten out any misunderstandings, leaving your bond stronger than ever.

Being honest about health

When it comes to discussing a touchy health problem with your partner, it can be difficult to know where to start – especially if the problem is an intimate issue. For example, if you partner suffers from erectile dysfunction (ED), it’s understandable that he might not want to talk about it, making it all the more difficult for you to approach the subject. However, despite how awkward it might be, ED is something that neither you nor your partner can afford to ignore. ED can actually be the symptom of a more serious health condition, such as heart disease, or it could stem from a psychological problem, such as anxiety or depression.

Your man’s health and wellbeing are paramount, so it’s important to address the situation head on rather than disregard it in the hope it will simply go away. Encouraging your partner to open up is the first step you can take to tackle the problem together. Choosing the right moment is key, and it also helps to do some research about the issue beforehand. For instance, you could talk to him about the different types of treatments available. Your guy can get his hands on effective medicines such as Viagra from Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor and other trusted online sources.

Facing up to financial woes

Money is topic that a lot of couples struggle to see eye to eye on, and it can be extremely hard to discuss. Whether it’s credit card debt or frivolous spending, it can be easy for your financial woes to interfere with your relationship. To prevent your money matters from driving a wedge between you and your other half, it pays to team up and address the situation together. Being open and honest with each other is a must, and even if you don’t come to a solid agreement, you could at least meet each other half way in finding a solution to your money problems.

There’s no denying some health problems can be embarrassing to talk about, but as long as you’re sensitive, understanding and helpful, you’ll be able to support your guy in overcoming this problem once and for all. Being open and honest with your partner is essential. Simply plucking up the courage to confide in them could be just what you need to get your relationship moving forward.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Author: Sam Charles

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