Three Bathroom Products You Never Knew You Needed (But Really Want!)

Do you feel like your bathroom hasn’t quite made it to the 21st century yet? We spend a lot of time modernizing the rest of our homes – multi-room sound systems, handy kitchen gadgets to mention just a few additions we love. But the bathroom often seems to get forgotten. It almost becomes a dull necessity rather than the luxury space it could be if we only gave it some love. If your bathroom has seen better days, take a look at these fancy bathroom additions which will transform everything from showering to brushing your teeth!

Three Bathroom Products You Never Knew You Needed (But Really Want!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The anti-fog mirror

Hands up who loves a steaming hot shower? That’ll be most of us then. Long, hot showers are one of our life’s little pleasures. Whether you love to belt out your favourite tunes in there or use it as your time to be pensive, it is a great way to start the day. But the downside of using such a great amount of hot water in your bathroom is that you end up not being able to see a thing in your mirror. When this happens, you can do one of two things: either wait for it to clear (not great if you’re in a rush) or wipe it down (leaving marks). Instead, why not contact a company such as Drench Bathrooms about anti-steam mirrors? They are a great investment that can save you a lot of time – and they look great too.

The light-up shower

Okay – so no one really needs a shower that lights up. But why wouldn’t you want one if you were given the option?! Mimic the spa experience from the comfort of your own home by investing in an LED shower head. These hi-tech products will bathe your shower in a light of your choice, transporting you to the very lap of luxury. Some even come with a built-in Bluetooth option, which essentially allows you to play your favourite songs through your shower. It doesn’t get any cooler than that!

Bathroom entertainment

If we’re going to spend an hour or so soaking in a bubble bath, most of us need a bit of entertainment whilst we do so. Non of use like being that person who tries to read a book in the bath and ends up with soapy pages. Or, even worse, being that person who drops their brand-new iPhone in with them. There are plenty of products available now which act as a mini shelf you can attach to your bath.

Although these are great for balancing drinks and even laptops on, a lot of us still feel nervous about doing so. If you want something to watch whilst you’re relaxing in the tub but don’t fancy taking a risk with your technology, fear not: waterproof TVs are here. Many can be mounted directly on walls and feature waterproof speakers, so you’ll always get the best sound. Don’t worry about getting a misty screen – they come with heated screens, so you never lose the picture mid-way through your fave show. Just light a few candles, add a glass of wine and you’re good to go![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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