Keeping fit the easy way

Keeping fit can be testing at the best of times especially for those juggling work, family and the general everyday demands that life brings. Add into the mix the cost of gym membership per month and travel times and it’s easy to see why more and more people are looking at alternatives that can be used in the home or outdoors.  Here are some top tips for burning those calories, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Invest in a gaming console

Wii games like Grand Slam Tennis are a great option for keeping yourself and the family in shape. Not only will they provide hours of entertainment for yourself and the little ones, its fun the whole family can take part in.

Fitness DVDs

Ok so maybe not the full on insanity workout that seems to have taken over lately, but a more gentle approach like Yoga or Aerobics will provide ample chance to burn off those excess pounds. Try Sleek Technique free 15 minute class online here.

Keeping fit the easy way | UK Lifestyle Blog


There are literally hundreds of apps on the market for home fitness, many targeted towards those who are working out in tight spaces. Perfect for those 20-30 minute high powered sessions that aim to get the heart rate pumping in a short burst of time. Prime mover and Jefit are two of the more popular ones, and with apps costing below £2 they are a no brainer for those on a budget.


This is one that gets overlooked far too frequently, with bodyweight videos and anything else you could probably wish to get involved in the internet has a whole host of options when it comes to keeping fit. The beauty of this one is that it’s absolutely free!

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Something as simple as pulling on those running shoes is a great option for those wanting to increase the cardiovascular health. This is the only option on the list which requires nothing else other than willpower. If you consider yourself really out of shape it’s important not to set unrealistic expectations.

Build yourself up with a short jog around the blocks, gradually increasing your distance and speed over time. Setting achievable goals means you’re more likely to stick to your fitness plan in the long run.

So there it is my top 5 tips for keeping in shape at home or outdoors, combine one or all of these activities with a weekly healthy eating plan and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time, summer sun – here we come!

Author: Sam Charles

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