Luxe Look On a Budget – 5 Ideas For Customizing Your Style

When you hear the word luxe, you likely correlate it with designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Mui Mui. The common misinterpretation is that only wealthy socialites and celebrities — think Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf — can get this look because they have the means to do so.

You don’t have to carry around a £3,000 Gucci handbag or wear Christian Louboutin’s to experience luxe – stylish, luxurious, and often expensive taste that’s still classic and elegant. There are many ways to customize your style and achieve a fashionable look while on a budget if you know and apply the following 5 tips.

Luxe Look on a Budget – 5 Ideas for Customizing Your Style | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Keep Yourself Up to Date on Current Trends

Trends change and evolve often, so keep yourself updated on the newest fashion styles by reading Vogue, InStyle, Elle and so on. If you aren’t a fan of magazines, take your research to the web and take advantage of free resources available at the tip of your fingertips.

Popular fashion blogs are a great place to begin. Most of these fashionistas also have Instagram accounts you can follow to receive daily fashion updates. Online fashion magazines are another great resource, especially if there are magazines you like but don’t want to buy them. Make sure you check out Refinery 29 for fun articles and useful tips. Pinterest is also another user-friendly online resource that is constantly updated.

Look for Sales

Stay on the lookout for seasonal sales. Most retailers have them around the same time annually, which can save you tons of money if you research the best times to buy clothing, like annual sales, end-of-season sales and post-holiday sales. 

If you have favourite retail stores, follow them on social media, and check their websites every now and then for pop up sales. Many of these stores also offer an email sign-up that will notify you when a sale happens, and also send you birthday gifts, rewards and coupons. 

Visit Vintage or Second Hand Shops

Secondhand shopping may sound unappealing to some of you because not everything is brand new.  Don’t let this deter you — give consignment a try before you form an opinion.

A kind of hierarchy exists when it comes to secondhand stores. There are places like Goodwill, places like Plato’s Closet, then there are unique vintage stores and other luxury consignment shops that can be quite pricey, depending on their current selection.

Not to say you won’t find things you like at Goodwill or Plato’s Closet, but you’re likely to find more quality pieces at vintage and luxury consignment shops — many of which have probably never even been worn. It’s a good idea to follow the stores in your area on Instagram for updates on new shipments and items that arrive. Many of them even post photos, along with size and price. You’d be surprised at the amount of turnover some of these stores have based on loyal clientele, so utilize this resource often.

If you’ve always wanted a Louis Vuitton but could never justify the purchase of one, stay on the lookout for a used one. This goes for anything. Don’t worry about whether or not pieces are real because most consignment shops have a process where they check products to ensure their quality and authenticity.

Purchase Timeless Pieces

When customizing your style make sure you purchase timeless pieces. Trends can be fun, but there’s a way to integrate this tip into every purchase you make so you don’t end up wasting money on short-lived trends.

Timeless pieces simply mean foundation pieces — pieces that won’t go out of style and versatile pieces that can be worn different ways. Basic timeless pieces include dark-washed jeans, black pumps, a blazer and pencil skirt, a little black dress —you get the idea. Do some research on the web to better acquaint yourself with timeless pieces, and stock your closet so you have the right foundation for a solid wardrobe. 

Splurge Every Once in a While

A splurge purchase shouldn’t happen every week or even every month, but you should splurge every once in a while, especially on pieces that are timeless. Include pieces that will upgrade the overall quality of your wardrobe — like leather, suede or cashmere — but do your research to ensure the best quality materials, selection and price. Don’t be afraid to mix splurge pieces with your other everyday pieces. A couple of quality expensive items can really enhance any look when combined.

Allocate a portion of your budget towards entertainment and miscellaneous expenses that include clothes, and use that budget to guide you. Just because you have money available for a new pair of shoes or sweater doesn’t mean you should go blow it. Ask yourself important questions to decide if you need the item, and if the answer is still yes, then make the purchase.

For splurge items, you may need to combine two or three months of your allocated clothing budget in order to make the purchase, but if it’s something you cannot stop thinking about, treat yourself or work for it.

You don’t have to be Serena Van Der Woodson or a Kardashian to experience and enjoy the luxurious style. As you’ve heard before — anything in moderation. Treat luxe pieces the same way by focusing less on quantity and more on quality. Don’t let trends influence all of your purchases, especially splurge purchases, which should be on timeless pieces that will last you for many years to come.

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