My health and fitness new year resolution progress…

My new years resolution is in full swing; I’ve been eating healthy on a daily basis and squeeze in exercise more than twice a week. My friend and I have been rooting each other on and forcing each other out of the house for fitness classes, swimming and the gym. My main goal (which is fairly hard to measure) is to feel less ‘sluggish’, gain a bit of strength and just improve my overall health.

My weight has never fluctuated and I’ve been 7 stone 3 lbs since I can remember, naturally I presumed I gained weight as I eat, A LOT! However, I’ve lost weight bringing me to 7 stone. I’m only 5ft tall, so although it sounds like I’m light as a feather, I certainly don’t look underweight. I’d say I looked ‘average’ or even ‘cuddly’! In sight of this, my goals shifted: to achieving a healthy weight in muscle, not fat.

[Below] My berry flavour nutrition whey protein shake in my lovely new pink shaker from Gym Nordic. I’ve also got myself 100 caffeine capsules as part of the starter pack, however I’m sensitive to caffeine so I thought I’d see how I got on first with the shake before adding anything else to the equation.

My health and fitness new year resolution progress... | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ve started taking Daily ZMA key minerals and vitamins that came as part of the start kit. They have  zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 in to support sleep and recovery. These tablets support your body over time, as opposed to a short fix before or after heading to the gym.

We spent a little over an hour in the gym, and hit it hard! I’ve uploaded a rough outline of what we did (not in order) and how much time I spent working on each part of my body. I noticed people in the gym taking notes, but I feel anything I achieve at the moment is a bonus! It must be working to some extent as I woke up multiple times last night with aching muscles in my legs.

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15 minutes weight exercises using x2 3kg dumbbells.
15 minutes bicycle machine avg. 7mph increasing resistance.
15 minutes on the rowing machine level 10 medium speed.
10 minutes on treadmill power walking on steep incline.
10 minutes on treadmill medium jogging speed on flat.
10 minutes cross trainer increasing resistance and speed.
5 minutes leg extension workout lifting 2kg.
5 minutes of leg press lunges lifting 3kg.

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