My Top Tips For Giving Your Garage a Makeover

When we decorate our homes, we have a tendency to pay more attention to some areas. That makes perfect sense, since we spend more time in some rooms, like the bedroom and living room. But if you think about it, you probably spend a whole lot of time in the places where you think you don’t.

Take the garage, for example, which you can be in and out of all the time. You might not spend your evenings chilling out in there. But you still have to look at it several times a day. I’ve been thinking about what it takes to make a garage look good. And it’s easier than you might think. Try my tips to transform your garage from a dull space.

My Top Tips for Giving Your Garage a Makeover | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get Organised

A lot of people hate going into their garage because they can’t stand to look at the mess. If your garage is full of junk or even useful but disorganised items, it’s time to tidy up. Don’t put up with having various things piled into the corners. Shelves and boxes are ideal for putting away a range of things.

You can organise your DIY tools, sports equipment or winter clothes. Place them along the back walls to keep everything out of the way. Larger, bulkier items are harder to keep neat. Bike racks on the floor, wall or ceiling will give you an alternative to a pile of bikes. Use covers to hide things like your lawn mower and add a splash of colour at the same time.

Replace the Door

The image of your home from outdoors is important for several reasons. For one thing, you want it to look good when you arrive home. Your neighbours’ opinions are valuable too. So you might wish to think about whether it fits in with the neighbourhood. As well as those reasons, an excellent “curb appeal” will be great if you choose to sell your house later on.

A new garage door could do wonders for your home’s exterior, as well as the inside of the garage. You can choose from the Lakes garage doors range and other providers. Both a new exterior garage door and one leading into your house could give your garage a new look.

Give It New Purpose

Do you keep a car or other vehicle in your garage? If you use your drive or don’t even own a car, perhaps it’s going to waste. Even if you do use it for its intended purpose, there’s probably still space to use it for something else.

If you have an underused garage, you could convert it into anything. Your options range from a workshop to a granny annexe. If there’s room at the back, you could use it to sew, write or do woodwork. It could turn into a big project though, so watch out.

You don’t have to put up with a messy and dull garage. If you don’t like it, have a tidy and give it a lick of paint to brighten it up.

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