Tips For Designing Your Kitchen

From the Great British Bake Off and Celebrity MasterChef to Come Dine With Me, cooking shows are taking our TV stations by storm. It seems as though, as a nation, our passion for creating culinary delights has been reignited over recent years.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to up your cooking game, it’s worth paying attention to the following kitchen design tips. They could help you to hone your skills at the hob.

Tips for designing your kitchen | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t skimp on workspace

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when they’re designing these rooms is to fail to include enough workspace in them. Without sufficient room to chop, mix, roll and knead, it’s virtually impossible to showcase your prowess in the kitchen. So, when you’re revamping this part of your property, make sure you incorporate plenty of surface area to work on. If you have the space, you might want to include an island unit. This will give you more room to prepare your ingredients and to plate up.

Make sure you choose a practical and robust material for your work surfaces. Natural stone and solid wood designs can be practical options. If you’re not sure which material to go for, it’s worth ordering test pieces to ensure you’re fully clued up. Suppliers such as Worktop Express will send out samples on request and this can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Pay attention to the golden triangle

Then there’s the so-called ‘golden triangle’ to consider. This refers to the imaginary lines that link your cooker, sink and fridge. Received wisdom suggests that since these three points tend to be where most kitchen activity happens, they should be grouped together. This way, you’ll be able to move between them quickly and easily. Conversely, if you ignore this design advice and place these essential elements too far apart, you might find preparing meals more of challenge.

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Ensure you have enough storage

It’s important to get your storage spot on as well. Plenty of cupboard space is a must if you’re to keep an organised kitchen. From pull-out herb and spice racks to rotating corning units that are perfect for housing pans, there are a host of solutions to choose from. If you’re a little lacking in square footage, take advantage of full-height cabinets too, but make sure you have a step handy so that you can access the upper shelves easily.

When you’re filling your shelves and drawers, make sure you keep the items and ingredients you use most often close to hand. You don’t want to end up rooting around for things when you’re under pressure to cook up a storm.

As long as you follow basic design suggestions like these when you’re planning your kitchen, you should find it easier to show off your skills at the stove.

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