Tips For Planning a Wedding Abroad

My best friend has just got engaged and told me, I’LL BE HER MAID OF HONOUR!! I’m absolutely over the moon for her and can’t wait for her wedding next year. So now (to my boyfriends sheer delight) all I’m thinking about is weddings. We went to a wedding fair the other day, when she told me I’d be part of the bridal party, and we got loads of great ideas for her reception venue, her dress and food. 

I have often thought about the idea of getting married abroad. I love to travel so it is something that I would consider. Obviously, I’m not currently engaged or planning a wedding, but that doesn’t stop me from being a crazy wedding obsessed girlfriend, with my bestie that will soon be tying the knot. 

My cousin got married abroad in the past, and their weddings were beautiful. (This may have been what made the idea so appealing to me.) Many people make the mistake of thinking that weddings abroad are much easier to plan, but that isn’t the case.

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Tips for Planning a Wedding Abroad | UK Lifestyle Blog
My cousins wedding in Perth, Western Australia in 2013

As with any event, when planning a wedding abroad, there are lots of things that need organising. From where you and all your guests will stay to the food that will be served, there are plenty of things to think about. That being said, making your wedding a success shouldn’t be too difficult. To give you an idea of how you can make your wedding amazing, I thought I would share what I would do to plan an amazing celebration:

Choose the perfect destination

The key to planning a fabulous wedding abroad has to be the destination. Well, for me anyway, it would be. There are thousands of places to choose from for weddings abroad, so it can be a little intimidating picking the perfect place. From weddings in Vietnam to Paris, there are so many destinations to choose from and with programs like Vietnam visa on arrival you might be able to stay for a very extended honeymoon. That’s why, I would make sure to take your time when choosing your wedding destination.

Ask yourself, is there a country that is special to you and your partner? Perhaps you got engaged abroad? Think about the type of ceremony you want – there are plenty of other options besides a beach wedding. The type of ceremony you want will affect the destination that you choose, so it’s important to think carefully, about this.

Hire a wedding planner

If I were getting married in the UK, I wouldn’t hire a planner because of the expense. However, if I were to get married abroad, having a wedding planner would be crucial.

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Weddings require a lot of planning. As I wouldn’t be in the country where my celebrations would take place, I would need someone to deal with this for me. The best thing about hiring a wedding planning from abroad is the fact that the cost would be much lower than in the UK.

Opt for the best wedding package

You will find it much easier, and more affordable, to get married abroad if you opt for a wedding package. Compare all of the different packages on offer, and choose the one that meets your needs. If there isn’t a suitable package, you could always ask to combine two packages. Just make sure that when selecting a package, that you check that everything that you need is included in it.

There is nothing worse than paying out for your wedding, only to find that you have extra to pay. Make sure that before agreeing on a certain package that you check it includes everything. From the food and entertainment to use of the resort facilities, opt for a package that covers everything.

When it comes to planning a wedding abroad, there is a lot to think about. However, if you take note of the things mentioned above, you can ensure that wherever you are, your big day is incredible.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  • Also think about where you are having your wedding – Sandals being adult couples only, isn’t the best choice if some of your main wedding party aren’t able to stay there and are resigned to having to stay at the cheapie all-inclusive next door. Bit of a dig at ex-husband but on a practical side wasn’t well thought out for the children on both sides attending

  • Having got married in Marrakechnearly 2 years ago, I have no doubts that we did absolutely the right thing. We have the most wonderful memories, as do our small number of guests. As the riad where we married did all the work for us, the lead up and actual event were stress free.