Unique Ceremony Ideas For Your UK Wedding

So, the guy you love has proposed! Now you have to set your mind to planning the most spectacular wedding. Are you searching for a unique ceremony that will wow your guests and provide a very memorable backdrop to your very special day?

Look no further! I have scoured the web and have found many awesome ideas for unique places to exchange your vows – you won’t be disappointed! Whether you and your partner want a dramatic, adventurous setting or a natural and intimate backdrop, you are bound to find something here that tickles your fancy.

With the animals

Imagine getting married at a zoo or aquarium. Luckily, you don’t have to imagine this. A number of zoos and aquariums in the UK are available for wedding ceremony hire. A lot of them have large and impressive greenhouses that you can host a botanical themed reception in.

Create culture

Many museums and art galleries in the UK now open their doors for events such as Christmas parties and weddings. If you and your partner are history or art-lovers, why not hold your ceremony and reception in a beautiful museum or gallery? Famous artwork or ancient artifacts could provide a very interesting backdrop for your special day. There’ll never be a dull moment!

Unique Ceremony Ideas For Your UK Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

Do something exotic

It may seem contradictory to include the words “exotic” and “UK” in the same sentence. However, contrary to popular belief you can get a little bit of mainland European scenery and sunshine in our country.

Try the Italian Villa for a wedding venue in Dorset that will make you feel like you are in the Tuscan hills. Beach weddings are usually held in tropical locations like Fiji and Hawaii. However, you can have just as beautiful a beach setting on the UK coast in stunning locations like Dorset and Cornwall.

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Go underground

Getting married in a cave would certainly provide the wow-factor and the memorable setting you are searching for. A Medieval theme (or Game of Thrones theme, if you need to sell it to your fiance) would look spectacular in an underground ceremony. If you like this idea, there are some great cave venues in Scotland and England, that may be able to host your wedding.

Get back to nature

If you are a down to earth kind of couple who love the outdoors and wildlife, how about a forest setting for your wedding? Your special day could look very Midsummer Night’s Dream with paper lanterns and fairy lights dangling from the canopy of trees above.

Unique Ceremony Ideas For Your UK Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

If you want to hold the entire day in the forest, wooden tables decorated with woodland foraged flowers and elaborate candlesticks will look fantastic. There are many beautiful forests throughout the UK where you can get married, including Robin Hood’s home; Sherwood Forest.

Take an epic voyage

You could host a swashbuckling affair aboard an old fashioned sailboat. The vessel could tour some of the most beautiful coastlines of the country while you exchange your vows. A small sailboat will be perfect for those looking for a unique but intimate wedding.

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