#Poetryinmoments With Sony – Cornwall Style!

Sony Mobile recently ran a campaign with the help of The Poetry Society where members of the public were invited to capture a fleeting moment on their smartphone, and share the photo with the hope of inspiring a short poem from a team of poets.

Micro-poems were then written in response to people’s pictures and circulated around the world via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I was tasked with sharing a moment from my personal morning regime for the campaign and here’s the result!

#Poetryinmoments with Sony - Cornwall style! | UK Lifestyle Blog

These boots have trekked this morning miles
to reach rolling blue beyond a rocky ledge.
Time to soak it all in, wait awhile
As white waves foam at the world’s edge

I was super stoked when Sony asked me to take part in this campaign for the Z5, and it was such a beautiful sentiment to team up with The Poetry Society to deliver a truly unique campaign. That’s more than you can hope to ask for when it comes to most marketing activity.

Not to mention, how perfectly it reflects my mornings in quaint Cornwall – when I have the chance to head down to the rocky coast before heading into work. There’s no better way to psych yourself up for a day in the office, than a blustery walk with a lung full of sea air.

The only thing that could possibly make this better, is when the rain passes and I can trade these wellies for a barefoot adventure, and lend myself to a spot of yoga with views that you would NOT BELIEVE!

Until next time. x

*Poems for the Sony Mobile Poetry In Moments campaign are written by The Poetry Society’s team of poets, including Ben Wilkinson & Will Burns.

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Author: Sam Charles

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