Quick Alternatives To a Bathroom Renovation

A complete renovation of your bathroom isn’t a cheap affair. Gutting the room and replacing everything can cost a pretty penny, not to mention take a while too. If your bathroom is looking a little tired but you don’t want to do a full renovation, there are other ways to perk it up.

From painting to resurfacing your bath, there are quick and cheap ways of restoring your bathroom. Instead of getting a new suite and spending weeks doing up the room, you can try using some of these methods to bring your bathroom back to life.

Quick Alternatives to a Bathroom Renovation | UK Lifestyle Blog

A Coat of Paint

Sometimes all it takes to transform a room is to paint the walls. Although a lot of people prefer tiles in the bathroom, paint can look just as good too. It may have been quite a while since you last painted the room, and the walls could be starting to look a little grubby.

When you repaint, make sure you look for a paint designed for bathrooms. It will repel water to help prevent damp and mould. Don’t just do the walls, either. Painting the ceiling will help everything to look refreshed too. Either use the same colour as before or pick something new for a change.

New Fixtures and Fittings

Completely replacing your bath, shower, sink and toilet can be costly. But sometimes just replacing the fittings can make everything look brand new again. You can look into getting taps, and other items replaced to refresh the room. 

I’ve recently added a bit of luxury to my bathroom, by adding this piece of wall candy to do my make up in, in the morning. You can buy it here:

Quick Alternatives to a Bathroom Renovation | UK Lifestyle Blog

new shower head can perk up the shower, and putting in a different screen in your bath-shower can look good too. You could also try replacing the lights and even the door handle.

Resurface the Bath

You don’t have to replace your bath if it looks a bit worse for wear. Resurfacing it is another option to consider and could save you a lot of money. Whether you have a ceramic, cast iron, enamel or acrylic bath, you can touch it up to give it a new look.

It’s easy to do it yourself without any professional help. For example, Tubby Bath Resurfacing Kits make it easy for you to get the job done. Your tub will be revived and you’ll be able to enjoy having baths again, without worrying about what it looks like.

Retile or Grout

If you have tiles in your bathrooms, they may be looking a little tired. Perhaps they have chips, cracks or scratches. Or maybe you’re just fed up with them. If you don’t like them anymore, you could remove them and replace them with something else.

It’s easier if you only have a small area you want to work on, but you can replace tiles across the whole bathroom too. Another thing you can consider is tile and grout cleaner, it can save you lots of effort and scrubbing.

You don’t have to go through the effort of a complete bathroom renovation if you want to give it a new look. A few relatively small changes could make all the difference, and give you a room that looks brand new.

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