Reinventing Classic Luxury Home Décor

Putting a modern twist on classical décor is very fashionable right now, and its widespread appeal is showing no signs of fading. Creating this look in your own home is a great idea, whether you’re renovating your house to create a beautiful living space for yourself, or if you’re trying to add significant value to a house you hope to sell. Let’s look at a few great ways to tap into this beautiful style trend.

Reinventing classic luxury home décor | UK Lifestyle Blog

Modern floor + classical furniture

As this style is all about contrasting old with new, pairing a modern floor with classical furniture creates a brilliant, striking look for any living space. Look for clean, crisp tiles or vinyl flooring that creates an unmistakably minimalistic modern feel. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest’s modern flooring boards are a good place to start, as is Tiles Direct’s flooring section: look for light greys and whites that don’t quite look natural. This is the essence of the modern look.

Now you have to find the right furniture to pair with your flooring. Regency-style chairs are ornate and luxurious against the stark minimalism of your modern floor. Go for armchairs instead of sofas, and you can borrow from both Victorian and Georgian styles as long as you can make them go together. I’ve recently been in awe of all the gorgeous pieces on Lions Home.

Great tip: Decorate your walls with a mixture of classical and contemporary art, and a large Regency-style mirror adds grandeur and the illusion of space to any room.

Upcycle old furniture

You don’t have to spend a fortune at furniture auctions and antique dealers to get what you need. If you’re willing to take time to shop around, and spend a lot of time working on your DIY skills (it’s mainly sanding bits of old wood), then you should definitely consider upcycling old or dilapidated furniture. For inspiration, spend some time on Pinterest’s upcycled furniture ideas board.

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When you’re feeling suitably inspired, you can start looking for an unloved piece of furniture to transform. Local charity shops are a good place to start, but it’s also a great idea to keep a watchful eye on Gumtree for cheap, second-hand furniture in your area. Also visit Freecycle: a website where people give away their old belongings instead of simply throwing them away.

As long as you’re willing to pick them up, you can get some great pieces of furniture for free. Check these websites once or twice a day and be ready to pounce on anything you spot. Remember to engage with your imagination as you shop for old furniture: you’re not just looking at what there is, but what there could be if you put in a little work.

The classic + contemporary colour palette

The last thing to get right is colour, although this is also perhaps the most important aspect. Even when they shouldn’t, sometimes colour combinations just work, so you should always go with your gut. But there is an undeniable colour palette to the classic + contemporary style, so you should also keep it in mind as you shop for flooring, paint and furniture.

The colours are clean and light: usually white or light grey, and with silver, brass or chrome accents. The light colours are modern and simple, which contrasts brilliantly against classic textured tiles, wood and fabrics. Get the colours right and the rest will follow.

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