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Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞

In September it’ll be FIVE YEARS since I agreed to buy my little home off a new build plan. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone; it feels like only yesterday I was wearing a hardhat on a building site trying to imagine what my kitchen would look like. As we look forward towards the future, we’ve talked about letting go of our beautiful home and upgrading to something bigger to accommodate our future goals and aspirations.

The thought of ever leaving this 2 bedroom house breaks my heart because I worked SO hard to purchase and furnish it on my own when I was 23. Scanning the market, we have an idea on what type of property our next move might be. We’re not going anywhere soon… so until then, we’ve decided to make some tweaks to the house so we can squeeze a couple more years out of it so that when we eventually do move we’ll have a bigger budget. This, coupled with the fact, I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog


I spend the majority of my time in the lounge when I’m at home – it’s my favourite room in the house. Last year we shuffled the furniture around which made the room feel bigger, and it feels much more social when we have guests over. I’m really glad we did it because the rooms so much better this way.

We’ve recently inherited a bigger television and cleared out the cupboard under the stairs (such a relief!). We’ve moved our large grey DFS armchair back to the bedroom and replaced it with a gigantic fur beanbag.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s the comfiest thing in the world, not to mention the room weirdly feels BIGGER having it in here. Hanging behind it on the wall is a stunning Moroccan rug that I picked up in Marrakech on my hen do last month.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog


Our house isn’t big but we’re lucky that we’ve got a decent size kitchen that opens onto decking with stairs into a garden, giving the illusion of space. The illusion of space isn’t much good in reality though…

We can comfortably get a dining table and chairs in our kitchen and there’s enough room for us to both cook in there, but it was limiting. We couldn’t put in a dishwasher because there wasn’t enough under-counter space.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

We stuck a condenser tumble dryer in the corner of the room, plumbed our washing machine in under the sink and cleaned our dishes by hand – not the end of the world.

Someone then gave us the idea to convert our downstairs bathroom into a utility room, freeing up space in our kitchen for a dishwasher and space where the tumble dryer was stuck in the corner of the room behind the dining table. Considering we don’t even use our downstairs bathroom, this seemed like a genius idea.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

The rug is a new addition, too! I picked this beauty up when I went to Jordan in December with my best friend (another blog post I NEED to write). It’s handmade by the local Jordanians near Petra. 

We picked up a cheap dishwasher, called a plumber, and a couple of hundred quid later we had a utility room, one less bathroom to clean and a lot more space! The best bit was, we don’t have to spend our evening scrubbing dishes. I can’t believe we didn’t think of this before.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s so much better being able to keep our laundry basket, bin and other cleaning products tucked away in a cupboard. We managed to keep our sink in there, too which is good for when we need to empty the water tank from the tumble dryer. It’s not particularly beautiful but it makes life way easier.


We’ve lost one of our toilets but honestly, we never used it! It was so small and we have a family bathroom upstairs, so we always used that one anyway. One less room to buy flowers for, too…

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

There’s only so much you can do when decorating a bathroom, especially when you just like everything to be white, like me! We bought a new bin, some fancy new soaps and got a bath caddy. But the most exciting thing is actually very sad… We finally got our heated towel rail fitted and I’m so happy.

We bought it literally two years ago and never got around to having it plumbed in. TA-DA! 👇

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

When the plumber came over to sort out the utility room, we got him to pop the radiator in too. It looks so much nicer than before and it’s a much better use of space. Goodbye towels hanging on the landing.

Overall, it doesn’t look much different in the bathroom because I try and keep it clear from bottles etc. We do have some new scales that sync up to your phone and track your weight, which is pretty cool!


We’ve made some small changes to the bedroom but nothing major. Our bedroom has a large G-Plan sideboard at the end of the room opposite the bed with 2 matching bedside tables. I love midcentury furniture and would probably decorate the entire house with it if I could afford to. Watch this space… 👀

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’d been on the hunt for some artwork to go above the bed for a little while. We don’t have a headboard and I didn’t really want one. Instead, I wanted a statement piece. That exactly what I found when I came across this beach oil painting print. I couldn’t resist it, and it looks so beautiful with our bamboo lampshade.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

The print has a hint of pink in and we’ve got a lovely new (to us) vintage pink ottoman, which compliments our pink and grey contrast bedcovers nicely. The DFS chair being in the bedroom works really nicely with the grey already in the room, too. Happy accidents and all that.

Home Edit: We’re giving our home a lil TLC 💞 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Midcentury teak and bamboo probably don’t go together but I’m totally in love with how it looks – even S is impressed with the pink. We’re currently working on the office and I’m so excited to share it with you xxx

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Low-Cost Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Over the Weekend

Every now and then, a moment of inspiration overcomes us all. Suddenly, we feel a desperate craving to radically redesign our home. After all, our tastes and stylistic tendencies develop greatly over the years, and the home evolves with those changes. It’s a space to feel most ourselves, so it’s only natural that big alterations are made.

That said, sometimes time isn’t always on our side when these moments of creativity hit us. Whether it’s careers to pursuit or kids to raise, there isn’t always the leeway to make a good start on some quality home improvement. Home improvement firms are closing down too, bottlenecking the options available to people who want to overhaul their homes without spending a fortune.

So here you have it… 3 low-cost home improvement ideas that you can do over the weekend without having to splash your savings on expensive furniture (**psst** it won’t take all day either!).

Low-Cost Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Over the Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

Incorporate Plants Indoors

Plants are cheap, but they conversely have great value when incorporated into the home. For example, they circulate a great amount of oxygen around every room they feature. What better way to liven up the home than to fill it with more life? There’ll be a vivid injection of colour and greenery, and overall elevate the home beyond the typical and bland furniture and decorations.

For example, companies like Coopers of Stortford can help greatly here. They cover plant care supplies alongside many other niches, so if you’re aiming for a flare of green originality in your home, use their services. In the end, it’s never a bad idea to add some natural greenery into your home!

Update Lighting

Your indoor lighting scheme can communicate a lot about your home. They can emphasise certain areas or objects in the home, emphasise a formal or informal space, and overall illuminate any room so that it’s easier on the eye. Often, it’s the lighting that adds those final ‘homely touches’ that make a house feel warm and welcoming, having a diverse range of effects on things here.

Low-Cost Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Over the Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

Whether it’s desk lamps or overhanging fair lights in the doorway, there’s obviously a lot of room here for customisation and decoration. It takes no time at all to update a home’s lighting arrangement, so consider doing this if it appeals to you. For example, you could purchase multi-coloured lamps that change shade at the press of a button or invest in some high-end LED wall lights that brighten up the room! In the end, your homes aesthetic could change at the flick of a switch.

Paint Walls

Obvious but underestimated, sometimes all a room needs are a new coat of paint. After all, over time paint chips and fades away, and the walls need a bit of a makeover every few years or so. Of course, it could be that you’re just bored of the colour scheme you’ve had for a while now; no matter the reason, painting the walls in a room can easily be done in one weekend!

Consider sprucing things up a bit and going for a fresh update where the walls are concerned. Perhaps it could match the furniture better, or follow a particular theme you’ve already set out elsewhere in your house? Don’t shy away from mixing and matching and seeing what works and what doesn’t; you’ve got all weekend!

Low-Cost Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Over the Weekend | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Transform Any Room With These Lighting Hacks

From the bathroom to the living room and the kitchen, there isn’t a room in the house that you don’t want to evolve. For some reason, it is impossible not to upgrade a home, even if you have just finished a remodel!

The problem with having an interior design addiction is the cost. You are well aware that decorating any area of your house costs a lot of money. So, to keep the cost down and upgrade your property, you need to concentrate on the little details like lighting.

Here are the lighting hacks that you need to know if you want to revamp any room and not spend a fortune.

Transform Any Room With These Lighting Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

Choose The Right Fixtures

The obvious choice is to install a ‘big light’ in the middle of the roof to take care of all of your lighting needs. However, one big light is not the only choice at your disposal. In fact, if you want to transform a room and complement a particular style, you will need to consider your options. For example, if you don’t want a bright room you should use a variety of lamps. Lamps provide a softer light that makes a room look much cosier and warmer. Stuck for ideas? Festive Lights have tons of inspiration on their website. 

Task Versus Ambient

Although you should go with your preferred style, you should also mix up the type of light in any room. So, if you prefer ambient lighting, it is always a good idea to have at least one task lighting fixture to add contrast. ‘Wait a minute. What are ambient and task lighting?’ Task lighting is bright, bold light that dominates a room whereas ambient is soft, mood lighting. Regardless of the tone, you should mix and match to get the tone exactly right.

Double Up

One tip that all lighting design specialists will recommend is doubling up. In layman’s terms, to double up means adding an extra fixture to the room so that there is always more than one fixture in any room. A singular light fixture will struggle to illuminate a room on its own, which means it won’t have the desired effect. By giving it a mate, every room in the house will gleam and look its best at all times of the day.

Natural Light Is King

Yes, synthetic light is a good alternative, and it will do the job. But, natural light is better because it makes everything look more appealing. Obviously, you want as much natural light as possible, which is why you have to exploit the windows as much as possible. The best way to do it is to use curtains instead of blinds. Then, all you have to do is draw the curtains during the day to let in all of the light. At night you still get your privacy, but during the day you can take advantage of the sun’s rays to great effect.

Add Mirrors

‘What do mirrors have to do with light?’ The answer is a lot because mirrors reflect light at different angles. These reflections help to make the room look bigger and roomier, which is one way to revamp a room. When it comes to lighting, there is a variety of options that can turn a dull room into a lively one.

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