Setting Up Your Own Business: How To Launch a Shop Online

Did you know 3.2 million Brits to start their own business in 2017? Pretty incredible, huh? New research has revealed that more than four in five young people aged between 16 and 21 in the UK are interested in starting their own business.

According to the research, 82 percent of respondents plan to start a business in the future or would consider starting one, and four percent have already launched one. In addition, almost 90 percent would like to start a business if barriers such as financial constraints or a lack of skills were removed.

Setting up your own business: How to launch a shop online | UK Lifestyle Blog

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We’re so lucky that we have the internet because it makes starting a business SO easy. I should know, I started my business in May 2015 and would never have been able to do it without modern technology (mostly due to the fact I offer internet marketing services 😂).

You don’t have to just offer services though. Since the art and craft boom in Britain, many people are turning to creating products to sell online. From silk wedding bouquet to handmade clothing, the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve got a product, setting up a business online to promote your stock is effortless.

Setting up your own business: How to launch a shop online | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t believe me? Here’s how you can do about setting up an online shop or business.

Find a Good Domain

This is the first step to making sure people can find you, and that you’re memorable to them! If you don’t have a domain name overall, you’re not going to have a website, and thus coming up with something creative and original is the first step in your business plan.

You can find names online at collector’s and hosting sites, and securing a good one for your needs should only take a little bit of cash. Don’t worry, it’s worth it! Then you’re going to need to get it registered, and depending on how big you want to be, you can choose from the most popular of registrars there are out there.

Setting up your own business: How to launch a shop online | UK Lifestyle Blog

Set Up Secure Payment

When it comes to keeping customers, you need to make sure your prices make sense, and then that they can be sure their money is being processed safely. If something looks even slightly out of place, or takes a long time to complete, people are extremely likely to click out of the tab.

Remember to put yourself in the customer’s shoes when you’re about to get your website up and running. Imagine you know nothing about its creation: would you trust its interface? And more importantly, would you let it store your credit card details? It’s the little things that could lead to big problems we need to keep an eye out for!

Setting up your own business: How to launch a shop online | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Find a Reliable Shipping Method

Shipping is something that can make or break a sale, as putting things into a cart and seeing how much it would cost to be delivered is sometimes a favourite pastime!

The bigger services we sometimes can’t afford, especially when we’re just starting up, but there are plenty more options out there for you to hire out. Use a service like shiply to find a shipping provider that would work well for you.

Setting up your very own eCommerce store takes time and effort, but it’s always a fun venture that pays back. If you have plans, let yourself get on with them! Your hobby deserves it!

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