Tips On Dying Your Hair Blonde

Just three weeks away from being the maid of honour at my best friends wedding, I’m battling a love hate relationship with my hair. I like having light hair, but I’ve spent so long growing out my dark blonde roots so it matches my eyebrows. But do I give in and fix my roots, take the plunge and go dark blonde all over or just leave my ombre roots that I know and love?!

Even picking a shade of blonde, there are a multitude of styles and sub-shades. So, the best thing to do would be research on what colours would suit suit your complexion and eye colour best and of course what could go best with your attitude.

Tips on dying your hair blonde | UK Lifestyle Blog

But here are few tips to help you in pick the right color:

  1. Light ash blonde hair colour: this type of hair colour would suit those who have a lighter complexion with a lighter eye colour. This shade comes usually in a whiter shade or a blonde grey tint. Typically, these shades look better in my opinion. 
  2. Natural blonde hair colour: If you have it naturally then that’s good but if you don’t then you can easily carry it out no matter what your skin tone may be. Girls with lighter skin should go with a lighter tone of blonde colour and those with a slightly darker skin tone should go for a darker blonde colour.
  3. Beige blonde hair colour: This is a look with a darker base and lighter highlights. This suites all medium skin tones. You can easily carry out a ashy or orangish look with this colour and best suits a warmer skin tone.
  4. Bronze blonde hair colour: You should definitely go for this colour is you are looking to sport a warm and beachy look. This colour really suits tawny complexions with light to medium shades of eye colours.
  5. Copper blonde hair colour: This is a golden hue under tones. This colour goes well with darker skin tones and brown or black eye colours. Copper blonde is a striking way to go blonde without looking hazy.
  6. Chocolate blonde hair color: If you are a darker shade of caramel blonde, then this hair color would give you a more stunning look especially with golden highlights. This looks good for darker skin tones with darker eye colors. Try to avoid overdoing the white or platinum as they won’t give you a natural look.

So you have a few pointers as to what hair colour you should go with, then these tips have really helped point you in the right direction. All you need to do now is visit a salon near by and get the look you’ve always been wanting.

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