10 Ways To Transform a Tiny Home Into a Spacious Retreat

Ever wanted a bit more space in your home? Maybe not enough space to add an entire room and perhaps not bad enough that you’d want to knock down a wall, but maybe you’re looking for a couple of ways to get a bit more space out of your rooms to make it feel a little more spacious. It sounds like a tall order, but as you’ll find in these 10 handy tips, it’s actually pretty easy to squeeze out a little more space from your rooms.

10 Ways to Transform a Tiny Home Into a Spacious Retreat | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Think floor space

We usually perceive “space” as having more floor space to put things and move around. Because of this, you’ll want to try and lift as many things off the ground as possible such as removing any floor clutter and tucking away furniture when possible.

2. Use floating when possible

Floating furniture takes up less visual space and ultimately makes a room feel more spacious. From a floating steps staircase to floating shelves, there are plenty of options to get creative.

3. Don’t clutter too much

Having lots of space and storage doesn’t mean you need to use it. Keep some shelves empty to give the illusion that your room is more spacious than it really is.

4. Use your walls

Think vertical when possible. Use more wall shelves as opposed to free-standing ones, get rid of large paintings on the wall if they’re taking up space and in general avoid anything freestanding when possible.

5. Multifunctional is the way to go

Any furniture that you have in your home should be multifunctional whenever possible. For instance, you could use an ottoman as a seat, footstool and even for storage. Similarly, You could have a tiered coffee table that can be tucked into itself for more functionality and space.

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6. Let the light in

Keep the windows clear to let in as much light as possible. This will bounce off reflective surfaces and brighten up your room to make it feel more spacious.

7. Don’t think too small

A few large pieces of furniture is ultimately better than lots of small pieces. This is because they’re easier to move around and they’re visually cleaner which means it gives an illusion of a more spacious room.

8. User lighter colours

Light colours are a great way to make rooms feel a little more spacious. Avoid dark colours when possible and think of natural tones such as a light beige staircase in wood, green potted plants on shelves and light browns.

9. Use the ceilings

If you have tall ceilings then they’re the perfect place to add a few useful things. This can include a ceiling fan so you can get rid of your standing fan when it comes to summer, or hanging potted plants in certain areas of the room to avoid using floor planters.

10. Add reflective surfaces

Whether it’s a large wall mirror or metal shelving and furniture pieces, adding more reflective surfaces is a fantastic way to bounce light around the room to make it brighter and feel more spacious.

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