The 7 Most Important Factors For Your Home Theatre 

A home theatre is made up of several components that come together to give you a seamless viewing experience. Here are the important ones you must consider when planning your perfect movie-watching space. A home theatre is a great addition to your home. It’s important that you know of the various essential components of a home theatre. This helps you prepare a plan and possibly a budget before you consult with the experts. 

The 7 most important factors for your home theatre  | UK Lifestyle Blog

The room

The basic requirement for any home theatre room is the room itself. Choosing the right room can make all the difference to your viewing experience. Some things to consider include:

  • The shape of the room should be rectangular, not square
  • Ambient light can affect your visuals, so you need to be able to have a complete black-out
  • Flooring can affect your acoustics, so think about if your tile floor will bounce sound around
  • The type of wall will determine how much soundproofing you need  

The screen

The idea of a home theatre is large-screen viewing. You can choose to bring in HDTV screens of different sizes, just be careful to choose one that isn’t too big for the room. You could also invest in a projector screen that comes in a choice of resolutions and can be optimized for the size of the room. 

The sound system

Your sound system will begin with the receiver unit or what is also known as the pre-amplifier/amplifier combination. This is the unit that connects all the inputs and outputs related to your TV or screen and centralizes the control for it all. Your choice of speakers will be dependent on the size of the room, the maximum number of people you have in the room, and your budget. 

The source component

Now that you have your visuals and audio in place, your next element is the output source. You can look at making provisions for one or all of the below:

  • DVD Player
  • Blu-ray player
  • Cable and satellite
  • Internet streaming (you need a good internet speed for this and not everything is in HD)

Surge protectors

Surge protectors are an important element to ensure the safety of your electronic equipment. It is the simplest and most comprehensive way of giving your equipment a barrier of safety from unexpected power surges. 

Good quality cables and remotes

With all your equipment in place, it is essential that you have good quality cables (make sure to keep extras) that will connect them all. You need to consider the various types, the lengths you will need, and of course, have a general map of what connects to what. 

Controlling everything, especially considering how each component can come with its own remote, can be quite a task. Investing in single master control of good quality can be exactly what you need. You can also use online apps to manage controls from your phone. 


Every home theatre can have amazing, luxurious, super comfortable seats. All you have to do is consult with the home theatre experts such as these guys and find out what’s the best option- an art deco throwback or a sleek modern design with the full motion experience such as DBOX.

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