The Perfect Winter Hiking Holiday Destinations

A lot of people head to warm, sunny locations when the winter starts to take hold. But why not head to a location where the winter creates incredible scenery? Last year I went to Iceland just before Christmas and it was absolutely magical! 

Here are a few bucket list ideas for your perfect winter holiday destination.

The Perfect Winter Hiking Holiday Destinations | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Black Forest

The Black Forest is my favourite part of Germany. It proves how incredible the natural landscape of the country really is. Most people who head to Germany go to the big, modern cities like Berlin and Munich. And those places are great, but they can’t compete with the beauty and majesty of the Black Forest.

The trees are gorgeous when they’re frozen and covered in snow. It feels like you’ve stepped into Narnia! You don’t have to spend much money to have fun there either. There are free hiking trails and cheap ski resorts that you can take advantage of. But if you do want some luxury, there are plenty of resorts and spas to explore.


Finland is one of the most northerly points on the map of Europe. This makes it very cold and snowy during winter. So, if you can handle the extreme cold, and you want to have a unique experience, Finland could be the place for you. You should head to the North of the country for the best experience.

The North of the country is in the Arctic Circle, which means you have a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights while you’re there. The Northern Lights are a naturally occurring wonder. Green and blue lights dance in the sky above your head. It’s an incredible thing to see in person.


The Bryce Canyons in Utah are simply stunning. The peaks and dips of the canyon look great whatever the weather is like, but they look even better in the winter when they’re capped with snow. You’ll find an eerie solitude in this part of the world when you visit in winter. But this can make it even better.

😱➡️  Our trip to Tapas Alley in Old Town, Benidorm

A lot of people go on holiday to Utah during the warm summer months. But far fewer people think to go there when it’s cold. This is good for people like you though because you’ll have the place to yourself. There are lots of walking trails and hiking routes you can enjoy if you want to get active.


Budapest is a beautiful ancient city in Hungary. It gets very cold in the winter time. But that’s alright. The colder, the better when it comes to winter breaks, right? There’s something wonderful about seeing the roofs of the neoclassical buildings covered with a layer of snow. It’s a truly beautiful sight.

There are ways in which you can get a break from the cold though. Because it used to be part of the Ottoman Empire, Hungary is known for having lots of hot baths, warm outdoor pools and saunas. This comes from the Turkish influence on the city that has now lasted for hundreds of years.

Don’t run away from the cold and the snow during winter, embrace it! These destinations are all beautiful, so take a trip to one of them this winter.

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