The Travel Industry Is Changing (and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing!)

Whether you are voyaging across the globe in a private jet or a large van, it is important to remember that how you went about it a few years past is not going to be the same as in the future. And that’s not just because you’ve aged and have a different outlook. There have been plenty of big changes to traveling recently, and while some of them have put a lot of plans on hold, the future looks both different and bright.

The Travel Industry is Changing (and Here's Why That’s a Good Thing!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

Choose Your Own Adventure

Now it is absolutely true that over the last few decades the package tour where your flight, hotel, accommodation, and itinerary are arranged has become much less popular. That sort of vacation took on the appearance of being nothing more than experts guiding around clueless herds of sheep, which don’t allow you to have much of a say at all.

The internet has played a huge role in making it a lot easier to book hotels and attractions from the other side of the world and six months in advance, but there are still people whose idea of a true vacation is not preparing for too much.

Fortunately, the internet has made that easier as well. Now you can go to a major travel website and put together your own travel itinerary with ease, no travel agent required. Book afternoon walking tours or a series of dinners in Paris. And with past travelers’ comments on landmarks and attractions offering deals as well as the best time to visit, there is no information too small to discover.

The Travel Industry is Changing (and Here's Why That’s a Good Thing!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, you can even use it to meet up with some sexy London escorts on your journey, so check out some online reviews to find the best one to meet your acquaintance.

Plane Prices Are Crazy

While we all might grumble about fees for additional bags or choosing an aisle seat, what isn’t mentioned is how much cheaper airfare has gotten over the last three decades. and while cramming in even more seats to the disappointment of your poor legs, the advantage to that is the whole world has opened up for so many more people.

Affordable travel is not only a lot of fun and a great way to learn and expand personal horizons, but it has become an essential part of every nation’s gross national product. Computers and technology have replaced a lot of blue and white-collar work, and that means many people are moving into the service and tourism industry since robots haven’t been able to give surfing classes or drive buses through tiny Italian villages.

The Travel Industry is Changing (and Here's Why That’s a Good Thing!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

That’s why interruptions to the travel industry in 2020 due to very obvious world events are so devastating, and why tourism really has to bounce back as soon as possible. While not wanting to sound too tone-deaf, going around the world and spending your hard-earned dollars is one of the best ways to get the economy going again.

The airline industry itself has taken quite the hit, and the changes they’ve made don’t fix the main problem (many passenger jets are flying with empty seats but withholds full of cargo). So while they might be tempted to raise prices to make up for some cash shortfalls, they know there’s the risk of scaring away would-be customers by doing so.

You Still Only Live Once

No matter where you set out to have an adventure, you can be pretty sure that an enterprising daredevil has found a way to create an extreme experience that will get your heart pounding. If there is a scenic valley in the Rocky Mountains that a long bridge goes over, chances are there will be a bungee jump company that lets you take a life-changing leap.

The Travel Industry is Changing (and Here's Why That’s a Good Thing!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

Even on man-made structures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the CN Tower, there are opportunities to walk on the very top or around it. Hundreds of meters up and connected only by a single cable. And if you do want to enjoy the finer things in life, then once your heart rate goes back to normal, you can go right back to the hotel and enjoy a fancy dinner.

Close to Home, Close to the Heart

While it is always exciting to get a jet airliner and watch fly right over continents and oceans, don’t forget that there is plenty to explore on four wheels as well. There are a lot of advantages to buying local – shopping at grocery shops where the products are locally made – and that’s the same for travel.

There will always be an audience for people who only see vacations as something that involves being away for weeks visiting global cities like Paris, New York, or Tokyo but visiting small towns and staying at a B&B not only can be a great mental battery recharge, but it makes for a fine bit of traveling in a weekend time span.

The Travel Industry is Changing (and Here's Why That’s a Good Thing!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

More opportunities open up to you if you don’t mind cooking your own food over a fire you’ve made yourself. Just as technology has changed the tourism industry, it has also changed the camping experience.

It is easier than ever to bring tents that practically set themselves up, relax in heated sleeping bags, and bring specialty dried food that only requires a cup of water before it becomes delicious. Getting out under the stars is a very relaxing experience, and gives you a chance to reflect that no matter where you trek when you look up and see all the distant lights twinkling above you.

Where will your next holiday post-lockdown take you? 🌿⛱

The Travel Industry is Changing (and Here's Why That’s a Good Thing!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

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