4 Tips For a Relaxing Bedroom During The COVID-19 Lockdown

The way things have unfolded recently is not easy for us. We are living in a time of high uncertainty, fear and anxiety. With the lockdown still in action – staying at home takes its toll on our nerves. The best way to come out of this is to pay more attention to your mental and physical well-being.

If you are unsure about how to pass this time in a period of isolation – use this time to give your bedroom a relaxing upgrade. You will be amazed at how it is going to improve the quality of your sleep and put your mind to ease. Bedding, bed linens and curtains – are excellent ways to give a nice touch to your sleeping area.

But are there any other tips we can make use? Check out these tips and tricks below to find out:

4 Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom During The COVID-19 Lockdown | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Create a focal point for a sense of calm

Your bed is going to be the focal point and the wall next to it – holds a special place. You can give personalised touches here and decorate it with things which are an extension of you. This will help you de-stress every time you walk in the door. I keep my bedroom minimal but there are a few bits in there that all bring me a feeling of calm.

2. Colour code your space

It is proven that colours can alter our moods. You can play with various colour pallets to create the desired impact. Tones like green and orange instil a spirit of serenity. Or even better, you can pick a colour that you like the most. Personally, I keep my home quite neutral and add plants to bring a bit of green into the room.

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4 Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom During The COVID-19 Lockdown | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. Change your curtains

Curtains can create harmony in your overall bedroom look. Mix and match them with the overall theme. Go with a style you like: be it basic cotton, fancy silks or even neon colours. You can order new curtains and plan a mini makeover for your bedroom without spending a lot. Places like Yorkshire Linen are offering many options for choosing your curtains online.

4. Keep your laptop outside of your bedroom

All your technology gadgets should stay out of the bedroom and you should have another space for that. This will help you completely relax your mind and you will be conditioned to experience a sense of calmness when you end your day and decide to dose off. It can be difficult to get out of the habit of keeping your phone near your bed but you’ll feel so much better for it and sleep better if you can resist the temptation.

4 Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom During The COVID-19 Lockdown | UK Lifestyle Blog

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