Things I’m saving up for (other than a hot tub)

It is certainly wise to save up any spare cash you have at the end of the month but what exactly are the rainy days that everyone talks about? I’ve recently been saving A LOT and tracking my milestones – it feels more achievable when I list out my goals, and it’s helpful for me to see where my cash is actually going! 

Now I’ve ticked off a (much needed) new fridge freezer, mini breaks, and a brand new MacBook; it’s time to set some new objectives! Without them you could find saving up pointless, and you might even give in to temptation and blow your cash, so figure out what your rainy days will be. Here’s some of mine: 

Things I'm saving up for (other than a hot tub) | UK Lifestyle Blog
Okay… Perhaps I’m wishful thinking but a girl can dream, right?


We hear it all the time, ‘property prices are only getting higher, so it is best to start saving for a home as soon as possible’. Which yes, I whole heartedly agree – if you aren’t already, then get on the property ladder! But you’ll most likely (unless you’re incredibly lucky) have to get a mortgage, like I did. I love having my own property, but now I can’t wait to pay it off as soon as possible. Imagine that, mortgage free! 


Ok, so retirement may be a long way off but it is imperative to save up for it (especially as a freelancer!). You don’t want to retire and end up without an income, so start paying into a pension right now.

If you save up a sizeable amount for retirement, you will be able to invest in companies who help pensioners out through retirement – like Churchill Retirement. The more you can save towards retirement also means the less work in the future – cha-ching! 


You never know when you or a member of your close family might be stuck down with a serious accident or have an accident. The NHS and private insurance may cover the basics but it is also a good idea to have a little stash of cash saved up in case you can’t work – which is a freelancers nightmare! You can’t put a price on health, so it is difficult to say how much to save for this – as much as possible is probably your best bet.


Our homes can use a bit of sprucing up from time to time – I’ve just saved for some new tiles for the kitchen, since what we currently have is a nightmare to keep clean. I didn’t plan it, but having a pot of cash to dip into whenever you need to decorate is always good.

It is also important to have some spare cash handy in case your home is ever damaged and needs some serious repairs. Home insurance should cover most accidents, and luckily since I have a new build I do have guarantees and warranties, however some extra personal cash will give you a nice little safety net to fall back on.


Life isn’t all boring though! You should be saving up for the fun things as well. From holidays (this is certainly taking a priority in my spreadsheets!) and new cars, to smaller treats like fancy food and jewellery.

Treat yourself now and then if you ever need cheering up. Don’t just stop there, think about surprising your friends and relatives with cute gifts if their mood ever needs a boost!

So maybe it’s time to open a savings account? You will be setting yourself up for a happier future if you do!

Author: Sam Charles

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