My Summer Bucket List For 2016

Probably seems a little excessive to have a bucket list specifically for summer, am I right? Perhaps. I’m pretty sure that’m having a quarter life crisis – I’ve quit my job to go freelance (more on that soon), I’ve decided sleep is for the weak, and I’ve changed my diet.

I don’t think I’ve completely lost it yet, but it’s important to note, these changes aren’t because I’m unhappy – these changes are because I’m scared. I’m totally scared I’m going to wake up one day and I’m going to have realised I’ve wasted my life. That’s why I’m focusing on living, and not putting my career on the back burner.

These aren’t all overly exciting goals, but to me, it’s really important. So here is a list of what I’m hoping to achieve by the end of this summer. I’ll let you in on a secret – it isn’t to get a promotion or to get a pay rise.

Climb Ben Nevis

You may have read my post recently about what an incredible time I had climbing Mount Snowdon last month. This was a real eye-opening weekend for me, because although I appreciate natural beauty and personally think mountains are gorgeous – I’d never actually visited one in the flesh and I had seriously under estimated the scenery.

We climbed Mount Snowdon (you’ll notice I’m using the word CLIMB here), it was super icy, and at least the last 1 – 2 hours we were on our hands and knee, wading though the snow and using our upper body strength to drag ourselves up the mountain. I knew this was going to be challenging; “why don’t you go in the summer?” I heard so many people ask. But the snowy slopes is what I was dreaming of, so this wasn’t an option.

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My summer bucket list for 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’m digressing.. reaching the summit then ascending the mountain in 45mph winds gave me such a rush, and an even better feeling once I’d had a shower and snuggled up by the fire, knowing I’d conquered the mountain and that’s why my legs were aching. Jesus, I make it sound like I climbed Everest – and this is exactly why I’m now infatuated with mountains.

I found it incredible to wonder why people put their lives at risk and battle with nature on some of the highest peaks in the world in the hope for a beautiful view – but I weirdly kinda understood, on a micro scale!

I might never reach K2 summit, or go further than Everest Base Camp, and I’m okay with that – but I absolutely want to explore more mountains and be left speechless again. Keeping to a strict budget, the next step (crampons at the ready!) naturally will be Ben Nevis, in Scotland.

Retreat to Thailand

When it starts getting cold in England, S and I will be packing our bags and heading over to Thailand for 4 weeks to explore the area and completely relax. You probably think that after quitting my job this isn’t the wisest mood, but I assure you – I didn’t quit my job just to sit at home and work 24/7.

My summer bucket list for 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

When I was studying abroad in Australia I took a trip to Bali and had the most incredible time. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my entire life, and it was great to completely disconnect from the UK, Australia and just everything around me.

S and I have both always wanted to go to Thailand, and after finding an incredible deal, staying at a 3 story home surrounded by beautiful gardens, there was no way that we could resist. What was stopping us now?

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Yoga paddle boarding

My other half laughed at me when I said this – he thought I meant yoga and stand up paddle boarding as two separate things! After reading some articles and stand up paddle board reviews, as part of my new morning routine, I’m dedicating half an hour to meditating and stretching. What better way to spend your morning yoga sessions, than on a paddle board in the sea!?

I’ve seen this advertised recently by one of the local clubs near where I live, and I absolutely love the idea! I’m slightly nervous that I’ll just fall in and ruin everyones vibe, so I’ll probably get a little bit of practice on a normal paddle board first to make sure I’m feeling comfortable.

Go wild camping

My summer bucket list for 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve been camping, and I don’t mean pitching up a tent at a festival! I’ve always wanted to get away and spend a few nights wild camping but to be honest – I’ve always been a bit scared! After following some Instagram accounts, swooning over landscapes shot by people who are sleeping out in stunning forests near lakes in Canadian National Parks, I’ve decided that this is absolutely what I need in my life right now.

Okay, perhaps camping out in Canada for my first experience isn’t the best idea – after all I don’t think I’d deal too well waking up to a bear in my tent. But there are so many gorgeous places in the UK, and that’s exactly where I’m going to start my camping adventures – it also ties in quite nicely with our Ben Nevis trip.

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