Things You Do That Are Bad For Your Health (And How To Stop Doing Them)

There are many things you might do from day to day that aren’t good for your body. Here are some ideas on how to change that and to become a healthier you

Things You Do That Are Bad For Your Health (And How To Stop Doing Them) | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Missing breakfast

It’s very easy to get up in the morning and leave the house without bothering to eat breakfast first. A lot of the time, you might opt for an extra fifteen minutes in bed or to get to work a little earlier. For many of us, eating breakfast just isn’t a priority. But that’s a bad decision in terms of your health. Skipping breakfast can confuse the body’s system of eating and fasting, and it can also lead to you snacking on unhealthy food during the morning when you get hungry at work. If you find it a real struggle to prepare food in the morning, try doing it at night, or alternatively simplify your meals. Oatmeal with a handful of berries and seeds doesn’t take long to make, and neither does a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter along with an orange on the side. If you really can’t handle eating before you go to work, try making a smoothie the night before to drink at your desk the next day.

Bad posture

Even if you go to the gym first thing in the morning, if you spend most of the rest of the day sedentary and sitting down, you’re still at risk for heart disease. Spending your time at work sitting down is extremely bad for your health – so if it doesn’t suit you, look for a job where you get to spend more time standing up. If your back hurts or you’re experiencing neck pain, try to ensure that you place both feet on the floor as you work, even if slumping or crossing your legs feels more comfortable in the moment. Make sure that you get up frequently to walk around. Using your computer all day long can give you eye problems like eyestrain, and you can also get dry eyes from the air conditioning system inside your office.

Smoking – yuck!

We all know that smoking is very bad for our health, and yet so many of us do it anyway. That’s because it’s often so tough to quit. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance – but it isn’t that that makes you sick. The tar and other chemicals in cigarettes are considerably more harmful for you. If you’re having a problem quitting or if you enjoy the act of smoking, try out nicolites or nicocig so you can still enjoy your hobby while cutting out the unhealthy parts. If you’d like to quit completely – it’s tough to make yourself go outside in the cold winter to the smokers’ area! – then you could try out nicotine patches or gum. If your will power isn’t quite working, hypnosis has also been highly successful in many smokers’ quests to quit. If you’re having a problem quitting or if you enjoy the act of smoking, try out nicolites or nicocig so you can still enjoy your hobby while cutting out the unhealthy parts. (After this sentence, please add the following) E-cigarette juices even come in a variety of flavours and nicotine levels. Check out some of them right here.

Self care

In general, self care is a great idea. It’s so important to treat yourself kindly and to be in tune with your emotions and gentle with yourself. If you’re emotionally exhausted, it’s a good idea to spend a night in by yourself, taking a long bath and reading your book or watching some Netflix and doing exactly what you feel you need to do. But sometimes self care can go too far. It’s important to make yourself go out when you can – even if you don’t want to, it’s important to socialize and to see other people as you’ll feel happier as a result. Likewise, even though you might think that eating what you want and not exercising feels better, it isn’t a good long term strategy as it will make you more unhappy and unhealthy in the end.

Poor shoes

No, really! It’s very easy to wear the wrong shoes. A lot of the time, heels feel more attractive to wear – the general consensus is that they make your legs look great even if they aren’t particularly comfortable, but the problem is that if you wear them long term too often then they can cause problems like back and leg pain. Foot problems like bunions, which are bony formations at the joint of the big toe, can also be caused, alongside blisters and ripped nails caused by ill-fitting shoes. Flip-flops can also be problematic due to the lack of support they give wearers – although they’re considerably less likely to be worn to the office! Using your toes to keep them in place isn’t good for your feet, and nor is the fact that they don’t bend with your feet. It can also be extremely dangerous to drive while wearing heels or flip-flops as you don’t have complete control over the pedals.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Author: Sam Charles

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