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Sometimes you can look around your house and realise that things are getting a bit tatty. It might have looked great a few years ago when you gave it a makeover. But now everything seems to have gone downhill a bit. It all looks a bit tired, and it’s in desperate need of perking up. But you don’t necessarily want to gut the room completely and replace everything. Sometimes all you have the time and money to do is a few touch ups to put some life back into your home. I have some great tips for refreshing your living room home decor and making it look smart and stylish again.

Home decor tips for decorating your living room | UK Lifestyle Blog


If you feel like it’s time for a big change, but you’re on a budget, you should consider repainting. It doesn’t cost a lot, and it shouldn’t take very long either. Just set aside a day to cover up all the furniture and give the walls a couple of coats of paint. If you buy quick-drying paint, it should be even easier to get things done. Once everything is dry, you can return the room to normal, and it will be transformed. A new colour on the walls can make a significant difference to the room, but even touching up the existing shade is a good idea.

New Chair and Sofa Covers

Buying new furniture can be expensive, and you need to be able to either collect it or have it delivered. If you’re happy with what you’ve got but it’s looking tired, you can bring it back to life. A new cover for your sofa or armchair is an easy and inexpensive way to give the room a new look. If you have a common sofa model, finding covers that fit perfectly in lots of colours is easy. For example, you can get an Ikea Klippan sofa cover in everything from black to bright red or lime green. You could get one with a fun pattern if you wanted to make things extra colourful. It should immediately cheer up a tatty sofa that’s a few years old.

A Cushion Goes a Long Way

A new cover isn’t the only thing you can do for your sofa or chair. You can add some extra detail with some accessories, like cushions or throws. Your seating might look a little plain, so you can add some more colour and texture by buying some fun cushions for them. If you already have cushion fillers but the covers are getting old, you could only replace the outside. Alternatively, you might have covers you like but the cushion itself might have gone flat. It’s easy and cheap to buy a new one to go inside the cover. You can also get a throw, which you can drape over your furniture. They’re great for wrapping up when it’s cold too.

Fix the Floor

If your floor isn’t looking too smart, you can do something to change it. An old carpet can bring the whole room down, but you don’t always have the option to replace it. Try cleaning it first, either on your own or using a professional company. Rugs are also excellent for both carpeted and bare floors.
It’s easy to rescue your tired-looking living room. Just a few small changes can breathe life back into it and make it look smart again.

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