Tips For Throwing a Housewarming Party Feat. First Direct

If you are a regular reader of Strawberry Squeeze, you’ll know I’ve just bought a wonderful new build nestled between the beach and town in Cornwall. This summer has been absolutely magical getting the house exactly how I want it, and enjoying it with my nearest and dearest.

First Direct heard about the big move and wanted to get involved to help me celebrate; they ever so kindly offered to throw me a party to help me meet my neighbors on my street. To say a massive thank you to First Direct over the past couple of months, I’d love to share a video professionally filmed on the night, along with some tips for throwing your own party – enjoy! 🙂

Plan the Invitations in Advance

Invitations for birthday parties should be sent out at least three weeks in advance. If you are throwing an informal backyard picnic or family gathering, two weeks will be enough. However, if it’s bridal shower or an engagement party we’re talking about, then six weeks prior notice is more than welcome.

If you want to invite children as well, extend the invitation to the whole family. If you cannot decide who to invite, try remembering the previous parties you’ve been to and the people the hosts invited. Most importantly, plan the guest list by your space limit and budget.

Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party feat. First Direct | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Setting

You can avoid unnecessary expense by borrowing chairs from neighbours instead of renting them. Parties where all the guests are sitting are boring. You can actually plan seating for 40 percent of your guests. In this way, you’ll keep the party lively and people mingling around. For that purpose include a few high tables around the garden so the guests can lean or rest their drinks.

A surprising spring shower is always on the menu, so it pays off to plan a protective canopy. There is a vast selection of marquees for sale online, and you can choose among a variety of colours and sizes with a lifetime guarantee.

Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party feat. First Direct | UK Lifestyle Blog

Lighting Creates Atmosphere

As your party is most likely to transpire from a joyful daylight affair into a romantic evening event, lightning is one of the key atmosphere elements. The least expensive option is white holiday lights. You can place them almost anywhere, along the fences, around the small shrubs. You can plant solar garden lanterns along the patios and after the party is over, you can pick them up and rearrange them throughout the garden as you wish.

Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party feat. First Direct | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Buffet

There are many things a garden party is, and a few it isn’t. And one of the latter is experimenting with untested recipes or coming up with last-minute dishes. If you want to impress the guests with something completely new, they haven’t had the chance of trying make sure that you tested out the recipe at least several times, or you might end up with exploding cheese bites, like me!

Believe me, there are worse things on a spring party than a spoiled dish. The best party food is the one that can be carried around and eaten on the go. Plan food that can sit for a while and still be tasty.


Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party feat. First Direct | UK Lifestyle Blog

Finishing Touches

Just to be on the safe side, start preparing a few days earlier as this can save you different inconveniences. Cut the lawn but don’t water it. Spray the lawn with nontoxic bug repellant a couple of hours before the guests start arriving and include insect repellant candles in your decorations. Lastly, ENJOY!

Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party feat. First Direct | UK Lifestyle Blog

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