Easy Ways To Add Style To Your Bedroom

Many people forget that their bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that they spend the most time in. Therefore, you should make an effort to create a stylish and cosy haven. There are so many cool tricks that you can apply to redecorating to give your bedroom a really personalised feel. Whatever your style or taste, there are ways to make your room perfect for you.

Here are my top tips to help you add some style to your bedroom. Your room will look so amazing after these few improvements, that your friends will be begging you to decorate their homes too.

Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Bedroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get a feature wall

Feature walls are a really easy and simple way to add a bit of flare into your room. It is basically one wall in your room that stands out from the rest to create a bit of energy. Some people choose to hang up some patterned wallpaper. Others choose to paint one wall a really vibrant colour whilst keeping the others quite neutral. Whatever you prefer, make your choice bold.

Consider your furniture carefully

There are so many amazing items of furniture available that will spice up any room. But be careful not to overload on too many items. Do your best to work with the space you have. Remember you need all the essentials like a bed and wardrobe. However, once you have fitted those things in, it is time to have a bit of fun. What have you always wanted in your bedroom? A Vanity table? A bookcase? Or how about a hammock?

Swap the paintbrushes for wall stickers

If you don’t fancy yourself as an artist, you might think you can’t do anything cool to your house. However, there is a quick and easy solution that comes in the form of wall stickers. You can have incredible designs on your walls within minutes. There are plenty to choose from too, so whatever you love, you will find something special. We’ve just done exactly this in the spare bedroom and office space.

Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Bedroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get some artwork

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go anywhere without my smartphone camera. I find myself taking photos of nearly everything I see. That means I have a lot of cool photos. Turn some of these into printed canvases and hang them on your wall to add some art into the mix. Create a collage of photographs of you and your friends to add some warmth.

Choose your bedding carefully

Your bed linen and curtains can help you to add yet more style to your bedroom. If your room is already quite bold, you might want to opt for some plain fabrics. However, if it is the opposite and your room is very plain, try some bright colours.


You wouldn’t go out without accessorising your outfit. So don’t think you can get away without accessorising your bedroom too! Sure, you don’t want to add too many things and make the space cluttered. But if your room is quite plain, this can be a great way to inject some colour and personality. Things like candles will add a nice touch, and ornaments too.

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