Tips On How To Achieve The Bohemian Chic Look

The bohemian look is for women who are in tune with nature, opening themselves up and embracing the different perspectives of the world. Earthy, light and breezy, the bohemian chic look traces its influences to an artistic movement of centuries past to its development in recent decades.

From music festivals to beach looks, bohemian style can still be found everywhere, demonstrating its timeless and fresh appeal with individual expression. There are many stores out there with chic clothes for women, but the key is to know which pieces will work best. We have some tips here for the ultimate bohemian look.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog
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Layering with vests, cardigans and jewellery

The bohemian look will not be complete without the layers that make it so chic. Whether it’s a flowing poncho over a maxi dress or a hip vest over a simple shirt, the possibilities are endless. Other layering options include putting on chunky, beady jewellery which are perfect for expressing your free spirited nature.

Laid-back, flowing clothes and loose silhouettes

Bohemian style is all about ease of wearing and a loose fit to reflect one’s openness. Laid-back looks with flowing clothes are certainly a part of this fashion look, as are silhouettes that are not too girly and instead are loose and elegantly feminine. Maxi dresses, midi skirts, flared pants, tunic tops and many other such items are just some of the style must-haves.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog

Fringes and lace

Fringes and lace details have long been a part of the bohemian fashion scene. With their ageless appeal and whimsical touch, any garment with fringe or lace can look sophisticated on any given day. Pair up a simple lace blouse with light and airy printed shorts and you’ll have a great outfit for any outing.

Head scarves and other head wraps

Chic head wraps, such as flower crowns, scarves and bands, trace back to the 60s and 70s eras of fashion, which have seen resurgence in popularity thanks to the music festivals of today. They bring a classic touch to any outfit and are perfect for completing the bohemian look. Think wavy tresses kept in line with a stylish head scarf, and bad hair days can be kept away.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog

Big sunglasses and floppy hats

Oversized sunglasses are an essential item that can be worn anytime, especially for those sunny days. Floppy hats are also perfect for keeping out the sun, perfect for using at the beach. These two accessories look perfect when complemented by a maxi dress or just a simple poncho top with shorts. 

Prints everywhere

For women looking to emulate a bohemian look, the best way to start is through clothes with eye-catching patterns. This could include geometric designs, abstract shapes, floral accents and others. Bohemian fashion embraces colorful patterns and designs, so mixing and matching prints will be quite exciting.

Tips on How to Achieve the Bohemian Chic Look | UK Lifestyle Blog

Earth-colored boots and gladiator sandals

Ankle boots that come in neutral, earthy tones are a wardrobe staple for any bohemian outfit. The same is also true for a trusty pair of gladiator sandals. They add extra pizzazz and an edge to any look, so be sure to have them handy for any day.

For an effortless look, bohemian style is definitely the way to go. With these tips to help you, it will be easier for you to find your inner bohemian soul and express yourself in style. Find clothing pieces that fit your personality, and you’ll be on your way to a boho chic look.

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  • I love this look and try to embrace it throughout the summer, thank you for your useful tips, it will definitely help me when I’m traveling- typical female I always seem to pack too much.. Why? I don’t know.

  • I love these tips!!! I love to change up my style and never really tried bohemian but I’ve always loved the carefree feeling of if!!! I definitely should try this out this summer!!!

    Jasmine 🙂