Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategies For Bloggers

There’s a good chance that the vast majority of people who read your blog are coming to your from mobile platforms. After all, mobile eclipsed PC back in 2014 and has been growing as a segment ever since. As a result, it’s a good idea for bloggers to start thinking about how to effectively market their sites on mobile platforms. It turns out that the methods here are slightly different to what most of us are used to on PC.

The need to engage with social media on mobile devices is clearer now than ever before. According to the data, 86 percent of users access Twitter on mobile. On Facebook, the figure is 68 percent, and on Pinterest, it’s a whopping 92 percent mobile. Here are some ways to market your blog on mobile social media.

Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategies For Bloggers | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Monitor Social On The Go

The good news for bloggers is that is that it is now possible to get bad credit phone contracts, meaning that even high-end handsets are accessible. This makes it easier to follow what your followers are doing online. Monitoring followers on the go is becoming increasingly important for bloggers.

These days, visitors to your site don’t just expect to read your content, they also want to be able to interact with you on social media, as well as on website plugins, like Disqus. Social tools such as Mention are really helpful and alert you whenever somebody tries to contact you on one of your platforms. Mobile allows you to spend time responding to comments when you would otherwise be unproductive, like on a train journey.

Get Rid Of Message Fatigue

If you’re like most bloggers, you’ll be posting content to multiple social media sites. This might seem like a good idea in the short run, but it can lead to the problem of message fatigue. Because your followers all have smartphones which are constantly connected to their social networks, when you post the same content on all these sites, your followers get the same alerts over and over again.

Experts recommend, therefore, that bloggers tailor their message for each platform. It’s also a good idea to keep track of analytics to see which platforms are the most successful and to use scheduling apps, like Buffer to stagger content so that it doesn’t overwhelm users.

Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

What exactly does a mobile-friendly blog look like? Essentially, it’s a blog that has been specially formatted for mobile form-factors. Some bloggers hire a developer to do this, but these days there are plenty of tools that make creating mobile blogs much easier. Ideally, you want a theme that is responsive and buttons that are all in the right place for users accessing your blog on mobile. If you use a particular typeface, you might want to adjust this to one that is more mobile-friendly.

On mobile, there’s also a need to make sure that your blog is responsive. Studies have found that mobile users expect pages to load in four seconds or less. If your site doesn’t load quickly, you might lose traffic and you’ll hinder your visibility in Google. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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